Track Description

Moderate, 10km to 30km

Haunted Stream Track runs parallel to the Haunted Stream and comprises 54 river crossings, they were fairly shallow. Access to many sections of the stream from the track is difficult due to steep!! overgrown banks.(Some lift is needed) magnificent display of tree ferns lining the Haunted Stream Valley. And with good camping on some of the banks makes It a good trip for the family.Track ends at Dowson City Campsite.

Added by adzee - Went through November 15th 2011 and it was completely different to Jan 2011. Water has eroded creek entry/exits and made them fairly sharp. Large trees down, however there has been track made to pass. I would rate medium to difficult, water is in every creek crossing now.

Track Features

Sharp Rocks
Steep ascents/descents
River crossing(s)

Driver Track Log

2009-04-11Nissan Patrol There is less than 54 river crossings, & heaps of fun round every corner
2009-04-11Nissan Patrol Great track for a day trip. It was a bit dry as the first few crossings where without water. Two great campsites one at each end. Worth doing Once a year to see the changes in the landscape.
2009-04-10Mitsubishi Pajero Spent 3 days over Easter at Dawson City. Haunted stream track was relatively easy with the amount of water in each of the crossings, not sure if they would get much deeper during the times the track is open ( closed during winter ). Some fun parts, but generally easy.
2009-01-4Nissan Patrol An easy drive with low river levels. If traveling upstream, watch out for an eroded rocky section - easily bypassed. A fallen tree was 1/3 up Boomerang Spur Track - also easily bypassed
2009-06-07Toyota Landcruiser N/A
2009-06-09Toyota Landcruiser Great little track good for beginners, plenty of river crossings.
2007-12-30Nissan Patrol Track in very poor condition. Some of the creek entrances and exits needed some work.
2010-01-02Nissan Patrol river crossings
2010-01-31Toyota Landcruiser N/A
2010-03-21Toyota Prado Great track for Beginners. Lots of river crossings and nothing too deep. Great scenery
2009-12-30Ford Maverick Easy, pleasant drive.
2011-04-26Nissan Patrol Good fun track. Did it from Tambo end. First crossing had some large rocks to watch out for. Highest crossing was knee high.
2012-11-6LandRover Range Rover Did this nov 6 .very dry conditions The run into the actual start of the track takes ages along a narrow rocky section of track which I suspect was a bridle trail from the gold mining era.stirling ruins are not something immediately apparent. Stirling track up to angora range road would be interesting with moisture on the track. First crossing on the haunted rocky and chopped up.
2012-02-3Toyota Hilux N/A
2013-03-18Ford Ranger Did this track last week. Only 3 crossings caused some concern due to dodgy entries and exits. Had to track build. Water levels no problem however. Dawson City Track back out of the valley was steep, rocky and eroded. Had to squeeze the cheeks together going up this one.
2013-03-11Mitsubishi Triton great mostly easy for the Mj. one creek exit we had to do some track building on due to a rock step which a couple of the other 4wds with us had trouble with....... and i will admit that the next day as we were airing down to do billy goats i found that my front hubs were not locked :)
2013-01-24Nissan Patrol N/A
2013-12-29Nissan Pathfinder Finally got to cross Haunted Stream Tk off the list! It was a very dry day and it had been dry up there for quite a while. The crossings were all quite shallow. Some of the river entry and exits were a little steep but nothing major. This track does require a vehicle with good ground clearance.
2014-04-19Toyota Landcruiser Did this track during Easter. Was wet and many bog holes etc, Couple of steep tricky exits from creek, but over all very enjoyable drive.
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