Track Description

Moderate, 10km to 30km

Great Track to cut your teeth on for medium tracks. The track ends near Toombon, close to the Merringtons Campsite. Early in the track, it has a couple of small creek crossings, and some decent climbs, decents. It was partially closed when we went through about 3/4 way through the track, so we had to reverse and go back 50 mtr\'s, and drive along a creek for about 150 Mtr\'s. Most of the tracks has a sharp drop either side, with the end of the track a decent creek/river crossing required, so decent height on your vehicle is needed. There are other tracks come off this one, namely Army Track (Hard) and Whitestar (extreme), also get too see a grave of a man and his dog, and some little huts on the track as well. But overall, a great track, mostly rocky, some sharp corners and some deep water ruts on the track. We done with a trailer, and a friend had a camper trailer on, so, go for it.

Track Features

Sharp Rocks
Steep ascents/descents
River crossing(s)

Track Images

Track Video

Driver Track Log

2007-08-16Toyota Landcruiser Good medium track, has other tracks coming off it, like Army and Whitestar, leads to Toombon, near the Thompson dam.
2008-08-30Toyota Landcruiser Steep drops of the side of the track with some easy river crossing. Lots of sharp rocks in the area and quite slippery clay. Reccomend good quality tyres and watch out for on coming traffic as the tracks are very narrow.
2008-08-31Toyota Hilux Good track for first timers. Low level creek crossings. Very narrow in parts. A fare bit of loose shale. Great sceanary.
2008-09-07Toyota Hilux N/A
2008-09-14Toyota Hilux N/A
2008-09-14Toyota Landcruiser N/A
2008-09-28Nissan Patrol N/A
2008-10-04Nissan Patrol N/A
2008-11-08Nissan Pathfinder Access track. It takes a long time to get anywhere. The '07 floods changed some of it forever.
2008-05-13Toyota Landcruiser N/A
2009-02-04Toyota Landcruiser N/A
2009-11-20Mitsubishi Pajero Done at O'Tooles 2009. Relatively easy track.
2008-5-13Toyota Landcruiser Nice easy track, rough in sections
2008-5-13Toyota Landcruiser Nice easy track, rough in sections
2009-12-31Toyota Prado Rough and annoying in the wet. The water hides the huge potholes otherwise easy.
2010-05-23Mitsubishi Pajero N/A
2010-04-18LandRover Range Rover easy track but slow going bumpy with good camp sites and easy creek crossings
2010-09-18Ford Maverick As said, reasonable track for part of a play day
2008-10-12Toyota Hilux Surf N/A
2010-11-03Toyota Hilux N/A
2011-02-13Toyota Landcruiser N/A
2010-06-22Nissan Patrol N/A
2011-12-06Holden Jackaroo N/A
2011-11-28Toyota Landcruiser Pretty easy, some narrow sections and rough in places, would only do this track if we had to use it to get somewhere as its slow going.
2013-03-25Nissan Patrol N/A
2013-04-06Nissan Patrol done
2013-12-02Toyota Landcruiser Good gateway to a few tracks, also very good signage since the fires have gone through.
2014-03-09LandRover Discovery Easy track for 4wd to access some nice bush camping spots. SUV's won't get to far in but will see some camp spots before it gets too rough needing clearance. Due to pot holes etc. smaller trailers are doable but you won't be thanked if you do on busy days as passing points can be limited so meeting a group of 8 cars is likely to see you reverse your trailer along a few tight points as is a bush single track main road.
2014-07-17Mazda BT-50 good track did it just after the fires in 2wd the whole way good camp spots, spent a lot of time on the saw because of trees down (6)
2014-07-27Toyota Prado Good fun in moist conditions, Track drives well with a few steep pinches
2014-09-13Nissan Patrol First drive to begin my 4x4 journey.
2014-09-20Toyota Hilux N/A
2014-12-6Toyota Hilux N/A
2014-11-14Suzuki Vitara Not a bad track done whilst @ O'Tooles
2015-01-26Nissan Patrol Pretty simple at the moment
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