Track Description

Difficult, 10km to 30km
From Dingo Hill Track the Caledonia River Track starts as an overgrown track following the river before a steep climb up to Howitt Rd and the Howitt High Plains. Easy enough in the dry would be a bit more difficult in the wet. The really hard sections all have an easy option. Great views climbing from 630m to 1600m ASL. Track is usually closed from Queens Birthday until Cup Weekend in November.

Track Features

Sharp Rocks
Steep ascents/descents
River crossing(s)

Driver Track Log

2009-06-05Nissan Navara N/A
2009-12-30Toyota Landcruiser good track fairly easy , dingo hill could be hard if wet
2010-01-01Nissan Pathfinder We had an awesome day driving Caledonia River Tk new year 2010.
2009-09-17Ford Maverick Came from dingo hill track and camped on the river, out the next day, great drive, had to do some creek beds.
2011-06-04Toyota Hilux Good fun when it's wet.
2012-01-01Toyota Landcruiser Nice track with some beaut camp spots.
2012-01-01Toyota Landcruiser N/A
2012-05-11Toyota Hilux This track has deteriorated since I drove it last year.
2012-06-03Nissan Patrol good fun track and really steep towards howwit road end
2011-03Nissan Patrol Really nice track with great scenery, quite challenging at the southern end
2013-11-06Nissan Patrol Lots of river crossing, but most were pretty low.Very steep track at both ends.
2013-11-10Nissan Patrol N/A
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