Track Description

Moderate, 2km to 10km

The Buckland spur track commences at the back of Lake William Hovell which is a storage for the King River which in turn starts in the High Country around Mt BULLER and Craigs hut. The lake is a beautiful stop over and has great picnicking and the lake is crystal clear and great swimming but very cold once you get out into the deeper water.
The road is followed past the lake and continue straight along you will come to a climb which is short and straightforward in the dry but has a clay mix and in the wet is slippery.
After this follow the track for about 3-4 kms and then yo will come to Evans creek track .continue past this . a little way further on you will come to Buckland Spur. Engage 4wd as you are straight into it. You commence a climb and she continues to climb. Loose rocky boulders, clay, steep and run offs. muds and a locker a definite advantage. we did it in the dry and it was pretty straightforward. Slow and steady and preserve the vehicle. its a constant climb and a challenging track in the lower sections. Once you get 2/3 way up it starts to up and down and flatten out. A couple of narrow boggy sections which can be tricky for wheel placement. At the top it continues straight on and brings you out at the Tomahawk Hut. As of jan14.2012. the track running to the right called carters road is closed 4 kms down from this intersection but the DSE don't warn you till you get to the first warning sign 100 metres from the roadwork. In the wet a very challenging track.

April 20th 2012. re visited the buckland spur track and its now rated moderate in the dry as there has been a bit of maintenance and vehicle use. Not rated as difficult in the dry

Track Features

Sharp Rocks
Steep ascents/descents

Driver Track Log

Date Vehicle Driver Notes
2012-02-21 Holden Colorado colorado, 2 inch lift stock tyres. Brekky at whitfield cafe then of to hovell. Follow the track around the back of the dam. God fishing in the vrticle timber around here (redfin) and start climb up buckland track .Clay base with some large rocks, good in dry, will be greasy in wet. Multiple switchbacks, some washed out. After some time you will come to the top of the ridge and a meandering track, very easy and pretty drive to tomohawk hut. Allow 2.5-3 hours from whitfield. Muddies may be an advantage. 3 cars on our trip, none with lockers, had no troubles at all.
2012-04-02 Isuzu D Max Great drive but as mentioned would be tricky when wet. Dry its fun.
2012-06-12 Isuzu D Max came down the track from tomahawk hut in april 2012. Loved it as did kids and mrs. It was threatening to rain so glad to get to the bottom without incident, pretty steep. creek crossing was easy.
2013-11-29 - No 4WD yet William hovell to Buckland spur
2014-08-05 Toyota Hilux N/A
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