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Easy, More than 500km

This is an alternative and more direct route to get to Alice Springs from Qld.  It is classed as a "highway" however it is unsealed and by the looks of it, not graded very often.  It is a good way to see the desert and to experience solitude as you won\'t see another car for hours.  It is a very easy track, however it is very remote so is essential to carry a large food supply, plenty of water, spare tyres (2 is better), spare parts, and spare fuel.  There is a sign at the start of the road advising you that you are entering the desert and to carry all of the above.

 It is a mixture of dirt road with small to medium sharp rocks on top to dusty red dirt and sand.  There are many area\'s that have extreme corrigations on the road so it is a very bumpy trip.  We popped a tyre between Tobermorey and Jervois.  I was probably travelling a bit fast (80kmh) and hadn\'t dropped my tyre pressure enough.  I dropped pressure to 24psi and slowed down to 60kph and had no more problems....a lesson learnt!  It was however a bit unsettling driving with no other spare....

I fueled up at Boulia but stupidly didn\'t fill my jerry cans as my map showed a petrol station at Tobermorey.  Be warned...THERE IS NO PETROL AT TOBERMOREY.  Looks like the two cars passing each day didn\'t warrant a servo.  It is about 450km from Boulia to the next fuel stop at Jervois.  Luckily we crawled to Jervois after finding out this distressing fact and all was well.  We paid about $2.20 / Litre but made sure we filled our jerry cans too!  You can camp at Jervois for about $5 each plus $2 if you want to use the feral shower they have.  It was a welcome spot to stop however it was a hot 42 degrees and the heat was retained in the dirt all night.  It is like sleeping on an electric blanket. 

 A good way to see the outback!

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Driver Track Log

2006Volkswagon 4wd Try to be at Boulia for the annual Camel Races
2003-10-29Toyota Landcruiser N/A
2010-09-01Toyota Landcruiser great drive, love every minuet of it, stayed at Jervois Station, highly recommend.
2013-07-20Nissan Patrol N/A
2013-08-22Nissan Xtrail Relatively easy but can be hard on tyres. Had to help an older couple who had 3 blow outs in one day. Tyre pressure and careful driving is everything.
2015-04-09Toyota Landcruiser 2010
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