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XR6 Turbo Conversion GU PATROL - PoRKy PIG!-Georgie's Twin Locked GU Patrol

Discussion in 'My 4WD' started by Georgie Kyro, Aug 16, 2016.

  1. Georgie Kyro

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  2. Georgie Kyro

    Georgie Kyro Active Member

    So bit of an update on the rig... any of you recognise what the above picture is??? Sorry I just realised it sent twice...

    If any of you know the barra turbo, the oil sump gears are a weak link... so we are opening up the motor and adding these in to ensure it's longevity.

    I also went town to the transmission builder and found out that the tranny will be built within 2 weeks.
    He is also providing me with full photos of the process so that I can post and show you guys...
    We have also recently looked at the torque converter and have figured out that set up and how it will be customised to suit including the input shaft.

    Things are finally starting to take shape here...

    I have plans for the rig to be done by Australia day weekend for my robe beechport trip with the lads.

    I have also just entered my first 4wd nav challenge scheduled in may 2018 at Mt cole

    By this stage the barra turbo will not only be in the rig for quite some time but hoping to of had any gremlins ironed out and learnt how to drive the thing...
    Then after this it is on to the alpine pursuit later on in the year.
    Can't wait
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  3. Georgie Kyro

    Georgie Kyro Active Member

  4. Georgie Kyro

    Georgie Kyro Active Member

    Anyone else going to Be competing in this?

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