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What's with "swags" these days

Discussion in 'Tents' started by littleGem, Feb 23, 2015.

  1. Mr Rum

    Mr Rum Well-Known Member

    Before my first swag, it was a foam mattress in the old ute, and before the fridge, it was the good old Eski.
    The eski would be full of the nasty sausage water you get when you just throw the whole bag from the butcher in and let it float around when the ice melts, and I can still remember the smell that would be etched into the tops of my cans.
    I often had pale swollen waterlogged cheese cubes floating around in there too.
    Actually, it's a real surprise I never got crook, but I guess the rum killed all the nasties.

    Am I making anyone hungry?:D

    Compared to others, I'm still a pretty rough camper, but I've come a long way, that's for sure.
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  2. Rojac

    Rojac Well-Known Member

    What fridge, am primitive still run an esky, evakool glass one, kept the beers cold at Tilpa on a 48 degree day one year
  3. darb

    darb Well-Known Member

    3 weekends in a row using the dirty dee. Bloody love it.

    So fast to roll up and bag / unroll and erect.

    First weekend was 0c with ice/frost.

    Second weekend fair bit of rain.

    Third weekend , 3 days of heavy rain , not a drop got inside. (Was at a beach house but missed out on a room).

    Aired it out at home today kids loved it lol.





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  4. jacnden

    jacnden Well-Known Member

    Such huge amounts of gear to go with these swags , nothing under cover. Why wouldn't you just use a tent?
    I got this in an email the other day. I think my black wolf tent would be unpacked and repacked before this setup was started
  5. darb

    darb Well-Known Member

    For me , speed and simplicity whilst maintaining the balance of comforts i desire.

    I do use tent when I've got young kids with me else the "large" swag I bloody love this thing. I've had it 5 weeks and has been used 3 weekends in a row in the wet.

    I also have a car awning for shade protection where required and also tent awning when needed.
  6. Bomber2012

    Bomber2012 Well-Known Member

    Unsubscribe or you'll get 3-4 emails every day
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  7. jacnden

    jacnden Well-Known Member

    Haha, I did some months back but they have just started again
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  8. darb

    darb Well-Known Member

    realised i put this in the tent thread not swag thread.
    4th trip in the new darche, bloody love it. Was first time I've camped in it and it not been raining or freezing (was still 3-4c at night but thats fine). Nice to not have to dry it out at home afterward. Slept like a log, except for dodgy mates yelling and carrying on anyway.

    Have got setup time down to around 3 minutes (including the most time consuming part of laying my rubber flooring down, actual swag is probably 90 seconds) ... that's after 5 minutes of surveying where I want to put the thing anyway.
    Packup is even faster.

    Photo - Sep 24, 2017 5 24 03 pm.jpg
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  9. Synchro

    Synchro Active Member

    That is a tent not a swag.
    My Oztrail Pyramid 9 goes up quicker than a swag and even with the self inflating mattress folded up - the bundle is usually smaller than these modern swag/tents.
  10. darb

    darb Well-Known Member

    Darche call it a swag, major retailers and major 4wd magazines call it a swag ... I call it a swag. Actually I call it a tent-swag. Maybe TWAG should be the new moniker.

    End of day I don't care what it's called, I love it. So long as peopel are out there actually getting amongst it, who cares.

    11 camping trips this year alone, 4 of which in it ... 3 of those in heavy rain, one in sub zero frost... perfect.

    Will still use my RV5 Oztent for longer trips (with "traditional" single swags inside for the kids ... custom made murchison river ones).
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  11. Poppa

    Poppa Member

    And here I was thinking I was the last bloke using the 'ol cottage tent. I'm over sixty and still use the cottage tent Dad bought in Mildura when I was 15 years old! Rogerazz I have to say those tents are the "ducks guts"!
    Love the debate re: tent or swag, swag or tent. I reckon a good formula/answer is taking a look at the mattress. If the mattress covers the complete floor area it is a swag, if there is floor not covered by the mattress well you have yourself a tent. But when it all gets down to business, it doesn't matter and who cares anyway. Just as long as the thing doesn't leak!
  12. Christopher Edge

    Christopher Edge New Member

    The biggest thing I hated about camping when I was a young bloke was the bloody air beds. The plugs would come out and they would deflate in the middle of the night.

    If it rained too, you'd get leaks/condensation on the inside of the bloody tent and wake up wet.

    I'm keen to get into camping with the family now, but I reckon I'd be way more keen than the Mrs. I reckon a double swag for dad and a kids swag/cot would be tops for Master 5.

    He rolls around way too much to share a bed with! Hahahaha
  13. smitty_r51

    smitty_r51 Well-Known Member

    You can roll him up in them if he is being a pita and store the whole lot on the roof rack too
  14. darb

    darb Well-Known Member

    I camp all the time with my 4 (nearly 5) year old boy, have done since about 3 (well actually we did when he was 0-6 months old too, but there was a gap bwhen the "cute blob that doesnt really move" phase became "terrorist who just learnt to walk and is a menace" where I could not be stuffed !).

    Next weekend am taking him on a decent trip and going to try him out in the above posted TWAG , or is that SWENT?... as much as the Oztent RV5 is pretty fast, it's still quite a bit of time to setup and pack away / put up on roof. Whereas the twag is a couple of minutes for both.

    I just hope his crocodile death roll sleeping style isn't going to mess me around too much!

    @Christopher Edge : do consider the dirty dee... even mates who have recently bought the kings big daddy are kicking themselves, so versatile.

    Our 2 year old daughter will start coming into camping territory too (see above , except she is a special kind of terrorist currently).
  15. Grippy

    Grippy Well-Known Member

    I love my swag, thick canvas, hoops at both ends, smaller at foot end and tons of room, have had it out in the pouring rain with no cover and not a drop inside. Used to have the old style flat swag, but passed it down and the little man chucked in it one night, so gave up on it. I bought the young fella a smaller lightweight swag a few years back, bit thinnner canvas, and I definitely wouldn;t be able to roll around in it if it was mine, but he loves it. Both quick to setup and pull down.
    Now have just bought a tent, Mrs is coming camping next week to the Flinders, have queen size stretcher and air bed, hmmm, seems comfy enough, but I bet not as comfy as the swag.
  16. smitty_r51

    smitty_r51 Well-Known Member

    The biggest thing my wife commented on going from tent to swag was how much cosier it was and if you close everything up the darkness is total, she sleeps like a log in it

    although that might be the energy expended to get herself into it which she thinks is like one of those 80's adventure game shows :D
  17. Albynsw

    Albynsw Well-Known Member

    I like your swag
    Do you remove the bow poles to roil it up or leave them in place ?
    What about the mattress, do you use the standard one or a self inflator ?
  18. darb

    darb Well-Known Member

    I use the standard 50mm mattress which does me fine... that said, i always use a carvan rubber matting underneath my swags / oztent (doubled over) as an extra bit of padding / protection / insulation. Darche do a 70mm option also but of cours ethat means more bulk , and overkill for me as I'll always use the rubber matting anyway (protection mostly).

    yes mate I leave the 3 x frame poles (whatever you call them) in ... just undo the ends and fold it back under itself.

    the two thick telescopic "ridge poles" (makes it free-standing) I also place with it and roll up ... takes all of 20 seconds, and into the over-sized canvass bag.

    I also leave the lamp and feather down doona in it.

    I put an old towel under the mattress also to absorb any condensation.


    Also this is it rolled up along side a traditional double swag (which has no poles , and has no internal space ... you basically are sleeping with a bit of canvass over your face) ... as you can see, they're the same size!

  19. G.T.

    G.T. Member

    You've sold me on it, now I just need to find a North American distributor. Swag's are an unknown commodity here and I think one would be perfect when out solo touring in the 77.
  20. Poppa

    Poppa Member

    Good to hear from you blokes in USA - I know I'm going to regret asking this but I will (and risk being the "dumb bugger") - what is the "77"? I automatically thought "Mustang '77" (but I'm wrong aren't I!).
    I hope you find a distributor otherwise just get one sent over to you - I seem to get a lot of stuff sent over here from the States so it shouldn't be too hard to get something sent the other way. I know Hal Saul sends his swags overseas as does Bob Burrage and I would bet the bloke at Geraldton making the Murchison swag would also.
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