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What's next for the 4x4earth podcast?

Discussion in 'Podcast Episodes' started by Patriot, May 19, 2016.

  1. shame dysart

    shame dysart Active Member

    Hi James.
    im loving the pod casts that are great and being a newbie im finding them really informative.

    so at the moment im up for new rubber and found so many options out there and iv been trying to work through them all to find what is best for me and it made me think of the pod cast and maybe it is something you could do one on tyres
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  2. Patriot

    Patriot Super Moderator

    So my contact at BFG has moved to Singapore, I was hoping to get someone on to discuss tyres. It is a graet idea for a podcast.
    Also looking for someone to discuss mapping and hopefully a snow podcast as well.
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  3. just finished listening to the last 3 pod casts (no service in the simpson) and they were awesome you have do a really good job with the show hope you keep up the good work Thank You
  4. Patriot

    Patriot Super Moderator

    Thanks mate, yes, hoping to do a lot more :) I am loving doing the podcasts. They are great fun and I am learning a lot.
  5. Hi James just a recommendation for a interview on my way back from the Simpson i went out to the dig tree we meet the ranger Colin sorry i didn't get his last name but he was really interesting to talk too .we went to have a quick look on our way home and ended up spending about 2 hours with him i know it not 4wding but its on a lot of bucket lists to do Cameron corn and not that far to go to the dig tree when you have traveled so far.
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  6. Patriot

    Patriot Super Moderator

    Hey Charlie, that is exactly the kind of idea that we are after. do you have any more info? I just googled and found this. Someone like that could talk about the history and also what people need to do to get there safely.
  7. leave it with me i will get more details
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  8. one of my mates brought a book off the ranger so i will see if he got some details off him but it is a small community so i think the Innamicka visitor information would know him 08 8675 9901 when i dig up more i will send it to you.
  9. Hi James i remembered that they had a air strip at the dig tree so i googled about landing at the dig tree air strip and there was the rangers number hope this helps 07 4655 4323 also Nappa Merrie Station 07 4655 4315 if i find out more i will send it to you i hope his willing to speak to you he was a real character and very interesting
  10. Malicious

    Malicious Member

    A podcast on dual battery setups and why dc-dc chargers are used, advantages and info on battery chemistry.
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  11. oetkb

    oetkb Active Member

    Hi James,
    for the last few weeks I've been doing some big drives and coincidentally started listening to podcasts to fill the time. I found yours through this site and have been slowly ticking them off and finding them both educational and amusing, I still cant believe how well you handled it when destroying your car at Talbotville and the honesty and humility in which you accepted your mistake and then moved on was astounding. I personally would never want to talk about it again yet you made a podast of it. Respect!

    There's an old bloke in Merrijig by the name of Charlie Lovick, he and his family have been running cattle all over the mountains up there for generations and he has a real passion for the area. With all respect he's old enough to have lived through a lot of the history up there rather than reciting from a book. Message me for his number if you want.
    Would you be able to get some speakers in that have done the big trips like CSR (sharkcavers story is amazing) The cape the hard and fun way, Big Kimberley Pilbarra trips, and perhaps even some families that have done similar trips but get the perspective from a families view rather than a bunch of mates.

    Another interesting guy to talk to would be John Muir in the Grampians, he's slightly eccentric but his life is one big adventure. I may be slightly mis informed but I believe he's been to the top of Everest, north and south pole. There's a documentary he made about his solo crossing of Australia from south to north unassisted on foot. He pulled a cart with supplies for quite some distance then put on a back pack slung a rifle and continued on with his dog. Amazing!!
    anyway thanks for your work and I hope this helps.
  12. Threshold

    Threshold Active Member

    Hi James,
    Loving the podcasts. I would like to hear from Ronny Dahl or Jim McNabb. Both of youtube fame. (Jim did how to crap in the outback.) I reckon you could get some great audio and 4wd/bushie stuff out of those two.

    When is the next podcast happening?

    Super keen to hear it.

    Thanks for the great work!

  13. shame dysart

    shame dysart Active Member

    hi James just finished listening to podcasts 23 and found it quite interesting and I'm loving your work.

    so was thinking of a bloke you may have hard of Roger Vickery. A mate of mine used to work for him at arb in Brisbane and said he has some good stores and iv seen him on creek to coast as well
  14. Patriot

    Patriot Super Moderator

    Hey @shame dysart - what is his story, I haven't heard of him but if he has some interesting things to say he could be a great guest.
  15. really liked the pod cast. i'm trying to work out how to buy one of the air control units with my wife finding out.
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  16. shame dysart

    shame dysart Active Member

    so my mate was saying that he is the regional manager for arb qld and he does all the videos demo's of there products and tips to get the best out you 4wd and arb products.
    he also does a show called creek to coast were he travels all over the country off road.
    he has been in the 4x4 industry most of his life in one way or another so I think from just the little I know he could be an interesting guy to chat with
  17. Patriot

    Patriot Super Moderator

    @Threshold - will try to track down Jim in the New Year, what is Ronny Dahl's story?
  18. 80lover96gxl

    80lover96gxl Moderator

    How about getting Ron Moon on from 4x4 Australia. Seasoned traveller and 4wder.
    Followed one of his adventures thru sth america and was one of the best TR's iv had the pleasure of reading.

    Im sure, like Roothy, Ron would have some fascinating, and comical stories 4wding and travelling related.
  19. Threshold

    Threshold Active Member

    Hi mate,

    Have a look at his youtube channel. Im sure you will see his story after you have a squiz at that. ;)
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  20. boobook

    boobook Well-Known Member

    I have 2 suggestions for podcasts

    1)Channel 10 is bringing out a new series of All Aussie Adventures this year. Yeah!!!
    I am sure Glenn Robins will be doing promotional interviews , get in early. It will be entertaining and very popular. For example, a lot of the gags are based on some very good 4wd knowledge. Eg snatching going wrong, bull bars being ripped off, fire tips etc... Who is the creating guy? Get him on too.
    As an aside, if you look at their joke website they are "fake " selling apparel. Now I'm not normally into wearing advertising apparel, but Russell Coight stuff would get my check book out. 4x4 Earth could make / licence that and share the profits.

    2)Connie Sue Beadell and her partner Mick Hutton can provide enough material for 10 podcasts. Connie Sue on her dad Len, the tracks, their tours etc. Mick on tyres, surviving the bush, shock absorbers in the desert etc. I saw them once at a Landcrusier club meeting and I would jump at the chance to hear them both speak. You could have Mick talk about repairing tyres and even do a video cast of him doing it. He could fill 4 episodes on tyres alone. He keeps very detailed stats on tyre types and repairs on their trips going back years.

    The good thing about both of these is that they are very relevant and there is something in it for the participants ( promotion) so they should be willing to spend the time with 4x4 Earth.

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