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What tyre in 255/85r16 ?

Discussion in 'Wheels & Tyres' started by phs, Apr 10, 2016.

  1. mauriceb

    mauriceb Active Member

    The 305/75/16 are classed as a true 34'' tyre but it appears we want a taller tyre like this but not so wide. There's a lot of good brands on the market in this size and the difference can be seen below for a web page i pasted, however in a landcruiser with a H box and 4.1 diff the diffence in the 1 inch in revs at 100km is only 67 rpm
    285/75-16 305/75-16 Difference
    Diameter inches (mm)
    32.83 (833.9) 34.01 (863.9) 1.18 (30) 3.6%
    Width inches (mm)
    11.22 (285) 12.01 (305) 0.79 (20) 7%
    Circum. inches (mm)
    103.14 (2619.77) 106.85 (2714.02) 3.71 (94.25) 3.6%
    Sidewall Height inches (mm)
    8.42 (213.75) 9.01 (228.75) 0.59 (15) 7%
    Revolutions per mile (km)
    614.31 (381.71) 592.97 (368.46) -21.33 (-13.26) -3.5%
  2. Ian Parsons

    Ian Parsons New Member

  3. mac_man_luke

    mac_man_luke Well-Known Member

    expensive though! i paid around $350 for 315/75R16 from tyrepower.

    BTFIVO Well-Known Member

    I had a set of the KM2 in 255/85/16 and absolutely loved em. It is true about the little bit of extra height, it pays off once aired down and provide a lot of grip. I had similar findings with the 7.50R16 factory split rims, once aired down they were so grippy. On the highway I had the 255's at about 50psi for efficiency, they worked very well. Definitely like the aspect of them and as far as wide tyres do look cool, I love the traditional 4x4 tyre look

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    BTFIVO Well-Known Member

    What about 295/75/16?

  6. phs

    phs Well-Known Member

    ^ there a 33.5"

    255/85r16 really is a great tyre off-road tall and narrow

    My 79 is long gone, never did buy another set of tyres was sold with 2 sets of wheels
    35x12r17 of walkerevan bead locks
    And 285/75r16 pro Comp ats on GXL alloys
    The idea was to hold onto the 79 And replace the 285s with the 255 for every day use / touring. Still think for the 79 there a good option
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    BTFIVO Well-Known Member

    Yes, with tyre the pressures well kept and conservative throttle, I was getting 10L/100klms combined with the 255's. I miss my rigs. The 105 is souless. It's like a Camry of the 4x4 world. :D

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