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walhalla area ??

Discussion in 'Tracks Discussion' started by phs, May 17, 2015.

  1. Nickj

    Nickj 4x4 Earth Contributer

    3136 pk ranger. I think they were saying that you should avoid the above tracks, especially when its wet.
    If you grab a Rooftops map of the area, some good tracks to start on would be Beardmores Tk (below the dam wall), Merringtons Tk, Army Tk, maybe Sullivans Tk. As usual, you should take a friend with a 4wd and as you said, it's a good idea to walk the tracks first, or at least the tricky sections.
    Have fun!

  2. 3136 PK Ranger

    3136 PK Ranger New Member

    Thanks Nick, that's the way I read it too.
    Thanks for the suggestions of tracks to go to.
    Cheers fellas.
  3. Captain0

    Captain0 New Member

    As said above be very wary, with the amount of rain we have had what looks like an easy track can soon turn to hell. There are lot of tracks in the area that start of nice and easy but soon become very interesting. Wet red clay plus AT tyres = no fun.
  4. Chucky91

    Chucky91 New Member

    Was a great trip, I would recommend it. Especially after a little bit of rain you are gonna have a lot of fun. Can get a little tricky at times!
  5. Outrage

    Outrage 4x4 Earth Contributer

    Toomstar Tk is another to avoid, very steep, very tight hairpin. Especially if wet. A few seasonal closures currently as well, Pheasants Tk, Trig Tk, Mormon Town closer to Walhalla, a couple others.

    Flats Tk was getting fairly rough last time up there, all this rain would expect it to be even worse unless they've done work to it. With no lift, I'd avoid it.

    Donnelly Ck is a main access tk in the area, a few huts to explore along that route if your after something tamer.

    White Star and Middle Star were in good condition last time, but it's closing in on a year ago, unsure of current condition. Similar with S Tk.
  6. 3136 PK Ranger

    3136 PK Ranger New Member

    I got a second set of rims and muddies today ;)
  7. xtrailer

    xtrailer Member

    I'm thinking of a trip after the tracks open in November, now have Pajero with all terrains but no lift or snorkel. Would tracks like Mormon town, Britannia and Maiden town be suitable if dry?Have done Cricket ground track in the past which i would rate pretty easy in the dry. Staying clear of Deep creek's, fultans, trig etc.

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