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Vehicle Insurance

Discussion in 'General 4x4 Discussion' started by Archerman, Aug 9, 2017.

  1. Archerman

    Archerman New Member

    Who do you use? Has anyone used the 4x4 club insurance vs the others? As a new recruit soon to land in Oz i'd really appreciate some recommendations please... don't want to get ripped off first time round. Also, do some insurance policies restrict the type of 4x4ing you can do? I'm only interested in 4x4 touring type tracks not 'hard core' stuff...
    Thanks in advance for your advice folks!
  2. Patriot

    Patriot Super Moderator

    Hey Archerman,
    Definately check out Club 4x4 through the 4x4earth website. We get a rebate and you get a great policy.
  3. tankbloke

    tankbloke 4x4 Earth Contributer

  4. Aaron Schubert

    Aaron Schubert Moderator

    Happy Club 4x4 customer here, for both my camper and 4WD.

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  5. shame dysart

    shame dysart Active Member

    Im a happy customer or club 4x4. I was previously with suncorp and club 4x4 was cheper with a lot more cover for the vehicle + i get accessories cover and off road recovery
  6. Synchro

    Synchro Active Member

    If you have a fully kitted out 4x4 Club 4x4 seem to be pretty good. For my everyday driver, a 4x4 but only a bit of gear Club 4x4 is just too expensive by a long shot so it is insured with a mainstream insurer that meets all my requirements.

    So assess what you vehicle has as extras and shop around - as I found for vehicles fully fitted out with lots of gear than Club 4x4 is likely to be your choice - if not kitted out but still used offroad then you might be better with another provider.

    Shop around and look at the costs and provided cover (the PDS) and make your choice.
  7. IvanTheTerrible

    IvanTheTerrible Well-Known Member

    I thought the recovery was a great idea until I read the fine print
  8. shame dysart

    shame dysart Active Member

    What was the part you didnt like about the recovery
  9. IvanTheTerrible

    IvanTheTerrible Well-Known Member

    Only to the nearest gazetted road. Most 4x4 tracks are Gazetted roads so basically no recovery.
  10. muc the truck

    muc the truck Well-Known Member

    I use Shannons . I had no problem getting agreed value for all options added to the vehicle cost . Over the last 10 years , they have payed out 2 cars destroyed by drug and drunk drivers .6 windscreens that's to QLD Highways , Paid for My entire Colorado paint work on 2 separate accidents and now has a better than factory sikens paint with a life time warranty on the repair (cant get that from Holden ) all with no fuss courteous phone call and emailing them photos .
  11. Buffomarinus

    Buffomarinus New Member

    Is anyone able to share what their experience has been claiming from Club 4X4.

    I would be very interested to hear for example any experience claiming for an experience similar to this gentlemans:

    Well... due to having selected a shitty insurance company that has rejected an insurance claim I am left trying to scrounge for parts to put my car back on the road. It's been a shocker year where I was diagnosed with a rare lung infection where I almost lost lung and life. After months mending we thought we would go on our trip to the cape that we had been planning for 18 months prior.
    Being in the warmth really helped and the fam looked after me well. But unfortunately we hit a massive rut / washout that left the front end a little bruised. Needing:
    Front struts, right stub axle, stabiliser bar, windscreen and a few other bits n pieces. The impact also caused the roof rack to pull the lugs out of the roof at the back (grrr) and then the mechanic at Bamaga tried to help patch the roof up but busted the rear right quarter / boot window.
    We got back to Brisbane and made an insurance claim and it was rejected. (The claim we can discuss elsewhere). But I'm 1400 klm from Brisbane and need to work out what to do.
    Having been off work so much this year i've pretty much let my business fall in to a whole so funds are really really tight. So i'm looking for 2nd hand parts. Can someone recommend somewhere I could find these parts for the front end? the roof is going to need to be replaced as well - quoted at $5k
    Any help / suggestions people can offer would be incredibly appreciated. it's not a sob story to get people to give me stuff. I just want to get the car back on the road (and feel safe in it).
    Additionally, all but one insurance company was happy to take me on as a new customer and 100% of them said they felt "shitty insurance company" was excessive / harsh in denying my claim.
    Although it's still thousands and thousands of dollars I shouldn't have to spend I now feel like we can recover from this. Thanks again.

    This would be a potential scenario anyone could viably experience and so I would like to know Club 4X4 would cover me in the event this happened to me BEFORE I need it.
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  12. dno67

    dno67 Well-Known Member

  13. Buffomarinus

    Buffomarinus New Member

    I appreciate your response and I have edited my post to make it a little clearer that this is not my vehicle. The thrust of my question is a request from anyone insured with Club 4X4 who may have successfully made a claim from them in similar circumstances. If I hit a washout or rut like this guy did I would hope my insurer would cover it, ESPECIALLY if they profess to be 4X4 coverage specialists. Keen for assurance before I switch from a much larger insurer.
  14. dno67

    dno67 Well-Known Member

    Ooh, didn't see the if. :)
    I do know club feature on quiet a few 4x4 forums, I'd imagine if someone's
    had a problem there would be some mention across these forums.
  15. hiluxdriver

    hiluxdriver Well-Known Member

    I'm with AAMI and so far not had an issue. I hit a skippy recently and stuffed my bar, light bar and a front quarter and they were fine with it. Managed to even upgrade the bar for no additional cost to me. I wonder if the extra accessories cover that club 4x4 seem to offer is really only beneficial in a total loss accident. I can only think of one person who has 2 total losses that would really want that sort of cover.
  16. stevemc181

    stevemc181 Well-Known Member

  17. IvanTheTerrible

    IvanTheTerrible Well-Known Member

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