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Ultimate suspension

Discussion in 'Suspension' started by loneranger, Jan 5, 2011.

  1. loneranger

    loneranger New Member

    Has any body got anything good and or bad to say about ultimate suspension? ive narrowed down my choices to ultimate , iron man or possibly old man emu. Its to go on the 09 ford ranger never carrying a load greater than camp gear(200ish kilo's)
  2. Voyager

    Voyager New Member


    I had that suspension on my GQ and it was brilliant, hard to find over here in perth as i will put it on GU when I can.
  3. Mongrel Lux

    Mongrel Lux New Member

    Ultimate is a good suspension if ya can get it. I don't like their shocks though not a fan of rubber boots on them, steel stone guards are much better IMO. All the places in Vic that use to sell & fit them, don't anymore ( due to supply problems, not lack of quality ) they now sell OME, EFS, Iornman ect.

    So from a warranty point of view, go for one that's readily available.
  4. Vegetoast

    Vegetoast Active Member

    I had ultimate install a set of leafs on my MQ. Had nothing but trouble, springs would never stay inline. it went back to them countless times. They ended up telling me my diff was bent and next time they would charge me to re-aline them. The springs should have come with a kidney belt. Have coils now and wont go back.
    I only used them in the first place cause their only around the corner, was Minto but they have moved to Ingleburn.
  5. loneranger

    loneranger New Member

    thanks guys, ill look into leaf design before i buy. My local 4x4/ deisel mechanic is an ultimate dealer so ill talk to him about availability(for any warranties). still possibly thinking of the ironman option though

    thanks again for the feed back
  6. Mudguts

    Mudguts New Member

    My old man bought a set of Ultimate 2" leaves for his 60 series, (must have been about 18 years ago now!) and they're still okay. We plan on swapping them onto his other 60 soon!
  7. Fox Shooter

    Fox Shooter New Member

    I have spoken to Ultimate a few days ago about a 3" for my GU. So far them and Josh from Ridepro are the only guys that went into detail asking a heap of questions, requesting front and back axle weights, type of driving, modification, future plans etc etc. The guy from Ultimate told me if you get me all the details I can supply the correct springs to suit and for memory they come with a lifetime warranty against sag.
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2011
  8. steelo

    steelo New Member

    Are they the same as Ultima shocks from Suspension Stuff? :D
  9. steve1961

    steve1961 New Member

    Go ultimate... they do brilliant work especially for the triton ... ask to speak to Brenden when you call .. failing that it would be OME ... if you have a good chiropractor ... you would look at Iorn man as a last resort ... ;) you get what you pay for
  10. ball12

    ball12 New Member

    In simple easy terms, ironman is shit! Stay away from it at all cost. If your keen on some adjustability to be able to custermise ur ride look at rancho 9 stage adjustable shocks. Tough dog shocks have had many issues with valves and I woulda kid them too. I'm running rox extreme big bore shocks in my gu and they are brilliant. Have heard they are used by blokes in outback challenge:)
  11. Big Matt

    Big Matt New Member

    I'd agree with that stay away from ironman stuff it's cheep for a reason

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