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Tyer kicking...

Discussion in '100 Series' started by Mjölnir&Tong, Apr 30, 2017.

  1. Mjölnir&Tong

    Mjölnir&Tong New Member

    Hey All,
    I used to do a bit of off roading and camping as a kid. The best times! Fast forward a few years and now married with 2 young boys and looking to teach them to appreciate this beautiful country of ours. I come from a big family of nissan drivers however ive decided to break tradition and go the cruiser! Especially after watching my mates hilux take pounding after pounding! they just keep going!!!
    At this stage im looking at the 100 series and wanted to run some questions past some owners / fans who have had some good experience. Before i go into details i wanted to see if I am in the right place on this forum? or has this been covered off in another thread happy to be pointed in another direction. Cheers.
  2. Les PK Ranger

    Les PK Ranger 4x4 Earth Contributer

    Welcome the Earth Josh, yeah you're in the right place for some 100 info, though some may advise to go over to Lcool forum for more in depth info . . .
    However there are plenty of cruiser owners here so you will likely get some feedback mate.

    You can go the the New Members Intro section to officially say hello.
  3. red hilux

    red hilux Well-Known Member

    Lcool seem to be quick on the lock thread and you must search function first.

    this site is much more people friendly
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  4. Les PK Ranger

    Les PK Ranger 4x4 Earth Contributer

    Never actually been in there red, just whenever people ask things tech with toyo, all seem to recommend it.
    You're right, this site is good about new posts, everything comes up often enough, but seems ok, people get referred or just answered again.
    The search is good to get the hang of in any forum I guess, but new forumites might not grasp that when learning their way around.
  5. red hilux

    red hilux Well-Known Member

  6. Les PK Ranger

    Les PK Ranger 4x4 Earth Contributer

  7. Mjölnir&Tong

    Mjölnir&Tong New Member

    Thanks Guys,
    At the moment im trying to work out which would be a better choice. Deciding between the 8cyl or 6cyl disel.
    The 8 will have loads of torque for towing however might be a bit thirsty!
  8. 80lover96gxl

    80lover96gxl Moderator

    If your going the 8cyl you maybe pleasantly suprised with consumption figures. Most average between 16 - 18 -20 lph depending how right foot happy you are, although throw a camper or van on the back and you can add 10 lph on top of that.

    The buy in price of the V8 is considerably cheaper than the TD which can go along way to setting up a vehicle or alot of fuel.

    The factory 4.2 TD is an awesome engine producing good power, economy and renowned for its reliability and considered by many the best factory TD to go into a 4wd.

    While you will pay more for the td they are ideal for towing, setting up as a long distance tourer but also able to mix it with the live axle trucks in the harder stuff with the right operator behind the wheel who understands the IFS's short comings.

    Personally id go the td but i am biased in my opinion as i do love mine and it's taken me everywhere I've pointed it. In saying that, it is hard to beat the note of a V8 when its on song:D;).
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  9. Mjölnir&Tong

    Mjölnir&Tong New Member

    Thanks Brian,
    In all honesty i'm looking for something that will do some decent K's and not too brutal on the pocket. I cant see my driving getting too technical at this stage given im no expert but had some experience in the past. (enough to know whats plain dumb and whats a little bit fun) :)
    I want to be able to access some remote locations with a nice camper off-road camper trailer setup. It really looks like the 4.2TD is the way to go.
    I'm wondering what makes the 8s so cheap? (which is why they caught my attention)
    Probably the last question i have for now would be around Ks when looking at second hand Cruisers. Whats too high? should i stick with 20K per year sort of average?

    Thanks again! appreciate it.
  10. 80lover96gxl

    80lover96gxl Moderator

    I think the main reason they command the price they do is due to their reputation for reliability, build quaility and comfort, longevity and that engine. The 1hdtfte has the potential to produce good power ( within reason ) without jepodizing longevity.

    I picked my 100 up with 280k on the clock for 27k, 01 model 5speed still in standard condition with no mods done, apart from a bullbar and AT tyres and a good service history.

    There are still plenty of unmolested examples out there . If you can find one with around 180 - 200k on the clock with a good service history you'll have yourself a great base to set yourself up with an awesome tourer capable of taking the nice camper to many remote locations for many yrs to come, and in style.

    A few things to know are, the front diffs are well known to be their weak link due to the calapsable pinion spacer, a solid spacer is the remedy for this issue.
    The torsion bar front suspension set up is ordinary at best, wound up around 40mm with a good set of shocks under it will be sufficient. A torsion bar mount brace kit should also be added as they are known for cracking.

    The injector lines should be replaced around the 350k mark as they are known for flaking inside them which can cause injector issues ( im up for a set of these soon).

    A 3" exhaust is a pretty common mod to help them poke along better than standard. Many people also add chips to gain more power but iv not gone down this path so can't really comment on that.

    I think the 8's are stuck with the same stigma as all petrol 4wds in that their not as "tough" as their diesel brothers, which can make them great value for money for those who prefer petty over the oil burners.

    Good luck with your search and whatever you decide to buy, be sure to post some pics up in the "my 4wd"thread and show us all what you end up with.
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  11. Mjölnir&Tong

    Mjölnir&Tong New Member

    Hey thanks Brian!
    You've given me some solid pointers here. Im noticing that the V8 diesel are cheaper than the 6 diesel which was the basis of my question. I should have made that more clear sorry.
    I'm not definitely going diesel 6, its time to start poking around the market and see whats out there. Glad to know about the pinon spacers and torsion bars these will be good questions i could ask of any seller so appreciate those nuggets!
    Will certainly be posting a pic once i find her! :)
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  12. 80lover96gxl

    80lover96gxl Moderator

    Cool, will be interested to see what you end up with, happy hunting.
  13. Cruiser John

    Cruiser John Member

    I have a V8 cruiser and it is great. Installed a chip in it and have seen the fuel consumption drop to 15lt/100 with the RTT and 100Ks/hr. Tuned to 98 fuel. I am getting a second tune on it for 91. Recent trip through the outback of WA did not find much 98 RON fuel and consumption of 91 was back up to 20lts/100. Mechanic reckons he can make that better, but not by much. I am not worried to much with the fuel economy, I just want reasonable range for long distant touring like doing Big Red and Great Central road. The growl of the exhaust at idle and full song is great. Happy hunting
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  14. ToyPrado

    ToyPrado Active Member

    Especially when you cut out the big mufflers and put in a sports exhaust!!!
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  15. Mjölnir&Tong

    Mjölnir&Tong New Member

    Awesome thanks mate, some solid points you raised there. At this stage i have decided to go the TD option. Just working through my budget to understand my price point. There's lots i want to be able to tow in the future which tends to direct me down the TD path.
    Sometimes you hear those 8s growl past and they just sound so good :) I can only imagine they would be comparable to an Abrams tank wrangling a muddy slope :p

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