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Tracking my Challenger mods

Discussion in 'Challenger' started by dezezez, Aug 23, 2015.

  1. dezezez

    dezezez Member

    Thanks mate. With the bigger gap at the top, is rain getting through an issue?
  2. Toddyh

    Toddyh Well-Known Member

    It will come through especially if it's heavy rain but lowering it would only stop some of that. Realistically it's just an awning. If you need full weather protection you're best getting a tent.
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  3. red99td5

    red99td5 Active Member

    I have mine down, so I can fit into more car parks.
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  4. dezezez

    dezezez Member

    Thanks peeps
  5. dezezez

    dezezez Member

    Not much movement since last time I posted. Have just put a bar and winch on order, but have to get 90000 km service done first! Ugh!

    Splashed out on a roof rack for my own Father's Day present, combined with a Kings rooftop bag it frees up a heap of space inside.

    The rack isn't centred at the moment as the L brackets from the awning are stopping it from sliding into a centred position so I will have to remove the awning, trim the L brackets and put it back - fun and games but glad I got one, just makes life a lot easier.

  6. dezezez

    dezezez Member

    Haven't posted for a while.

    Added an Ironman bar with VRS winch plus a Oricom under dash UHF, as well as a dual battery

    Downside now is that the front suspension / springs have sagged under the weight of the new mods so I might need to get some stronger springs (constant load springs?)
  7. dezezez

    dezezez Member

    Also whipped this up for the boot. Anchors are temporary until I get and fit a fridge slide.

    Ply, foam mats for cushioning, carpet tiles for the top and a heap of liquid nails.

    I've got the 7 seater XLS and the wife didn't want me to get rid of the 6th and 7th seats, so this had to be a removable solution. It's also because I need access to the spare wheel.

    I've since added some hooks to the base and sides to hold it in place.

    I did a bit of off road on the weekend and it didn't move an inch.
  8. Toddyh

    Toddyh Well-Known Member

    How far did it move then? ;)

    Looks good. To access the wheel winder, I initially cut a circular hole through my timber false floor. Saves having to remove everything to change a tyre.
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  9. dezezez

    dezezez Member

    IMG_1775.JPG IMG_1776.JPG Whipped up an extension to my fridge anchor, this will just help to free up some table space when camping. I've got a pump that can run water to the 'sink' if I need it so there is a groove cut for that. There's also a groove cut near the middle hinge so I can run the gas hose to the floor.
  10. stuartiross

    stuartiross Member

    Looks good. Is there a photo with it folded up with the fridge in as well. Just want to see how it all fits together.
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  11. dezezez

    dezezez Member

    I'm heading off on Friday so will take a pic of it once loaded up and post it up
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  12. dezezez

    dezezez Member

    Here you go, not the greatest pics though sorry.

    I have to say it worked really well. Being able to use a sink makes life a bit easier when it's clean up time.

    My only regret is not using a detachable hinge instead of a fixed hinge. There were time when being able to remove the shelf would have been handy. Probably my next job!

    Also my gas hose isn't long enough but I can hang a hook to hold the gas bottle for the cooker when it's sitting on the shelf.

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  13. dezezez

    dezezez Member

    Took the chally out a couple of weeks ago to Toolangi and smashed the factory bash plates to pieces
    So bit the bullet and decided to get it done right so went for the ARB under vehicle protection, pretty happy with how it looks

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