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Roothy and Milo 2

Discussion in '40/55 Series' started by shay3295, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. shay3295

    shay3295 New Member

    Looks like Roothy's new truck is really starting to take shape, I just wish that I had the time to do a rebuild like this on my 60 Series. Seems like the new truck is going to be a single cab ute but no idea what the back will be like, but if it is anything like the work done on the engine etc. it is going to be mint.
  2. GaryM

    GaryM Well-Known Member

    4 posts since 2014, all Roothy related. Why the pretense?
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  3. callmejoe

    callmejoe Active Member

    I think they call them.
    A "Marketing" fan.
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  4. ULost2

    ULost2 Well-Known Member

    another of mostly quiet marketing b/s stuff imo --- blokes like that don't really pay for too much and if they do it is considered a business tax claim. Very different in the real world I find
    I'm right over PatC because of so much marketing --- yeah I know; someone has to pay for the free to air tv show . I would love to know how much Pat gets paid by the TV station --- he might not get paid if it's channel 10 lol
  5. Neat 60

    Neat 60 Active Member

    Impressive stalking. I see what you mean though!
  6. Marck

    Marck Well-Known Member

    They are called social media influencers. There are businesses that is all they do they are paid for anything from getting adds to the right audience to putting positive / negitive spin on a particular object operation group person or whatever the client will pay for. It could be anyone. Also if anyone wants to pay me for my uneducated opinions or random stuff on the internet let me know.
  7. shay3295

    shay3295 New Member

    No pretence Gary, just don't use this forum much and the Milo 2 build caught my interest as I have a 1988 HJ61RG and would kill to have my engine looking that good. As to Roothy posts, he is the only one out of that whole 4WD media crowd that seems to have had any real credibility.
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