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PK Ranger 4WD selection problem / resolution

Discussion in 'PJ/PK Ranger / Old BT50' started by Les PK Ranger, Aug 30, 2015.

  1. ronje

    ronje New Member

    And it didn't hurt a bit.
    That little plastic lid is hard to get off but once you do, you can really clean the tracks and wipers and give the wipers a little re-tension for better contact.
    You'll end up with two points (180 degrees apart) on the lid where the leverage has to be applied. When snapping the lid back on, just put a dab of silastic or similar on the rim edges for water proofing.

    I pulled that Dorman one apart yesterday. The little disc inside has a different number to my original shift motor disc and the tracks are different. So it wouldn't work. But its from the same disc switch manufacturer who supplies both Borg Warner and Dorman. Haven't found out who that is yet.

    The only difference between various shift motors is the difference in tracks on the disc.

    However, everything else is interchangeable.
    There are 3 types of 7 pin plugs. 1 rectangular (American) and 2 circular. One of the circular ones (also American) has the 7 pin connectors in 2 rows of 4 and 3.
    The other 7 pin round plug is the one used in S/E Asia (inc Aus) and has the 7 pins arranged in 3 rows of 2,3 and 2 pins. I think Jacnden put a pix of one up a few posts ago.
    And there we now have a number of easy solutions available.
  2. Everyday Wknd

    Everyday Wknd New Member

    Thanks ronje. Had another test run down and up the driveway when I got home today and everything worked as it should! So I'm hoping I've sorted the problem for now and if it plays up at least I know what to do!
  3. ronje

    ronje New Member

    As the "actress" said to the Bishop. 'The time has come..."
    Not much more I can add. You guys should be up and running on the issue now.
    I'd like to correct one thing I said earlier:
    "The diagram titled Transfer (5R55S) put up by somebody earlier was the key to the fix.
    Once I saw that the tracks on that diagram translated to the rotary switch from my crook case it was all over rover."

    The diagram reference was to another source and not this forum. Now I cant find the other reference.

    However, here's the diagram that you can refer to (or take with you to an auto-electrician) in case you need it but cant find it. If your auto-electrician cant work it out go to somebody who can.

    Image Transfer [5R55S] gives the exploded view of the shift motor and the sequence of switching. Apart from plug tuype, that disc diagram in the box on the left is the only difference between ALL of these types of motors. Different discs give different switching combinations.
    I've previously put up the color coding of the wires. To change plugs just patch colour for colour.

    The second image "transfer case wiring diagram" shows how and where the shift motor plays its part in the operation.

    Anyway, I've probably spent too much time on this already although I needed a solution as well as you guys.
    I'm off fishing where I don't have a 4WD boat.
    Trans2.png Trans1.png
  4. allister

    allister New Member

    thanks guys for the info gonna try repair mine sometime soon
  5. jacnden

    jacnden Well-Known Member

    So I replaced the shift motor today with the one I bought from china for $84.
    For the first time in a few years I can now select 4lo straight away !! The old one eventually worked a after fiddling in an out on and off for a few minutes but was getting worse
    Any way , now very happy
    Just a couple of notes, my old shift motor said borgwarner on it, the Chinese $84 one says pykwarner, maybe made under licence or a copy .
    A lot of discussion about part number, I believe first bit is t/c number , second is shift motor number, third is plug type
  6. allister

    allister New Member

    What type of plug round or square
    Do you have a pic of the plug and the link to the site for me to order
  7. jacnden

    jacnden Well-Known Member

    Just note this is for a Great Wall but thy appear very similar
  8. Jorg

    Jorg New Member

    Hi all .been watching this with same problems on my bt50
    I believe the KIa shift motor is the Dorman 600-820 Transfer Case Motor
    it has the same plug
    Just shopping around for best price AUD

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