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PK Ranger 4WD selection problem / resolution

Discussion in 'PJ/PK Ranger / Old BT50' started by Les PK Ranger, Aug 30, 2015.

  1. ronje

    ronje New Member

    It sure does happen to other makes/models with same shift motor actuator.
    I'm not smart enough to know if that particular issue is sufficient for a recall of all makes and models using that actuator. Its not as if the problem is an unknown one.
    Here's a copy of a review (couldn't find a date) indicating that the issue was known.!content=recalls&make=Mazda&model=BT-50&gen=570
    Mazda BT-50: 2H, 4H and 4L not engaging
    For Mazda BT-50 vehicles, there have been reports of:
    • Owners having difficulties engaging the various drive modes (i.e. 2H, 4H and 4L);
    • The 4x4 and 4L lights staying on when 2H is actually engaged; and,
    • When in 4L, the speedometer providing a reading that is around half of the vehicle’s actual speed.
    These symptoms may be caused by:
    • Failure of the shift actuator on the transfer case (i.e. the 4WD actuator motor) not working properly;
    • Movement of the position sensor within the 4WD actuator motor. For this problem, loosening the three T-15 Torx screws on the actuator motor’s position sensor plate, swivelling/adjusting the plate and re-tightening it may fix the problem. Some owners, however, have found that this only provides a temporary fix and that the shift actuator eventually requires replacement (as above); and,
    • In rare cases, corrosion of a relay attached to the transmission loom.
    The same problem was listed for Ford PJ/PK models using exactly the same wording.
    To me the cause of the problem is failure of the water proofing.
    When I pulled the motor itself apart there was water still inside and rust everywhere. I'm certainly not a beach or saltwater fan. The taste test was fresh water. Anyway, cleaned all of that up with super fine steel wool and generous amount of lanolin spray. Brushes looked ok. Bit tricky getting the rotor back into the motor (wants to stick to the magnets in the case) but figured it out in the end.
    The waterproofing rubber ring wasn't water proofing properly so had to pull it out (its looks effective if put in properly) and re-insert it.
    Time will tell if I got it right, I guess.

    Its the unconscionable conduct of Ford and Mazda using market share (and probably market influence) to gouge that's the real problem (to me anyway).

    THAT would be an issue worth taking to the ACCC. Seeing what the ACCC response is would probably be a reasonable indicator for possible success/failure of a class action.
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  2. Everyday Wknd

    Everyday Wknd New Member

    Hi guys, I've just been advised by Mazda that my BT 50 has a fault from the fwd motor actuator. $1900 to replace part by Mazda! Went out of fwd on the beach in very soft sand so made for an interesting day. I think Mazda need to take some responsibility for this.
  3. ronje

    ronje New Member

    If yours is the older version BT50.
    Chap to speak to is Rohan in Gladstone Qld.
    Ph 0422-981454
    AU $499
  4. Everyday Wknd

    Everyday Wknd New Member

    Yeah 2009 auto. Cheers
  5. ronje

    ronje New Member

    You can fix it yourself for zero cost.
    Or get a plug-in replacement for $499 which you can fit yourself. Its not rocket science.
    Details in previous posts.
  6. jacnden

    jacnden Well-Known Member

    I just got a new shift motor myself
    Now I know the part number on my Great Wall is slightly different to the ford , ime pretty sure the plug is the only difference.
    Any way it's not the $2000 from ford or Mazda, I got this one from aliexpress for $84 delivered to my door IMG_2786.JPG IMG_2787.JPG
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  7. ronje

    ronje New Member

    That number is pretty close to the unit I got which worked. The number on mine is 47-60-648-001-B (not A like yours). And the smaller number on mine is 070117 (not 052013 like yours).
    I'd heard that Great Wall might be a contender and went looking.
    A little paper tag on mine looks Korean or Chinese. That's why I thought Great Wall might have one.

    Anyway, that should plug straight in. Put 4wd selector switch in 2WD.
    Take off cover plate and take out 3 bolts holding the old actuator to transfer case.
    You'll see that the unit will only go on 1 way.
    Bolt it on, cross fingers and start car.

    Fix up old one for use as a spare.
  8. jacnden

    jacnden Well-Known Member

    That's interesting, 47-60 refers to the transfer case so it's likely the same? The GW has a speed senso to stop you selecting 4lo till you are stationary, does the ford have this IMG_2771.JPG
  9. ronje

    ronje New Member

    Don't know if I'd be drawing conclusions from the numbers.

    Here's what I've found out about numbers to date.

    1. Original Ford PK/PJ shift motor model 44-08-648-007-B Guaranteed to fit by supplier.

    2. My original shift motor (repaired and back in service) has numbers 45-54-648-004-A

    3. The one I bought which also works 47-60-648-001-B; and

    4. The one you found 47-60-648-001-A.

    Does it work?

    The first 4 numbers are different on each unit including the ones that work.

    The only common number on the ones that work is 648. (If yours works?)

    Maybe that's the key? Look for 648 on any unit..
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  10. ronje

    ronje New Member

    Don't know if Ford has but Mazda certainly hasn't and Ford/Mazda part is interchangeable. So, short answer - no.
  11. jacnden

    jacnden Well-Known Member

    I've done a lot of tracking down t/case info . 47-60 is definatly the t/c number on the GW. Fellow I know on fbook had a pk ranger and GW and said the t/c looks identical , not sure of the ford number.
    I've been in touch with borgwarner specialists in the us who said ther are lots of Asian made borgwarners they have no info on( think the ranger is from Thailand?)(made under license?)
    Bit busy for the next few weeks but will post up when I get it fitted
  12. amazon196969

    amazon196969 New Member

    2010 PK auto...The number on mine is 45-54-648-004-B...I am not too mechanically savvy but I give things a shot with a bit of info...just wondering if I remove this part can I still drive the vehicle while I pull it apart and inspect, IF yes should I place a cover over any part on vehicle after removal that may be exposed to dust/water etc?? Another issue I have is I had ford diagnose it, as they suggested I may get warranty accepted to fix if THEY diagnosed it, but once paid for diagnosis I was advised they wouldn't cover it under warranty...even though my diagnosis mentioned to them via email much prior to their diagnosis was the same outcome...anyway after the diagnosis, the vehicle came home with further issues...when I turned to park the 4x4 low would engage and speedo would not be accurate 100% of the time...I returned the vehicle for them to undo what ever they did...they said they did nothing to change it, so they disconnected power to the 4x4 motor and suggest they changed settings on transfer case to with a bit of guidance I am very confident in removing the part but am unsure of what settings they changed and how to on the transfer case...any good advise would be greatly appreciated...many thanks to all the posters above too!!!
  13. ronje

    ronje New Member

    I've gotten onto a chinese supplier of these shift motors using my Alibaba account and I've asked them if they would explain the numbering system to me as I need a few different types of actuators.
    eg.....What does 648 mean? What's the difference between A and B? etc.. etc..

    Are you handy (to repair yours) or a bit handy (buy one and bolt it on) or buy one and take it to a mechanic? Yep. You can drive around with no shift motor on while you repair yours but I'd cover the hole for a bit of protection.
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  14. Everyday Wknd

    Everyday Wknd New Member

    Good work ronje! I'm standing by waiting for your results before I do anything. I've gone as far as unscrew and rotate the plate which sorted out the Fwd indicator light and corrected the speedo.
  15. amazon196969

    amazon196969 New Member

    Thanks for the advice Ronje, I'm a bit of a handy gal who often gits her hands dirty, will also pull the faulty one apart to inspect and repair ASAP now I know I can drive with it removed....ASAP may be months away yet as I purchased a BJ40 a few weeks ago to have a functioning 4x4, as NOT to give ford any more of my $$, so I am trying to get a few things on it sorted too (power steering, disc brake and rear handbrake conversions), so I've got a fair bit more mechanical stuff to learn...but I love it!!!
  16. ronje

    ronje New Member

    To be honest, there are heaps of suppliers of these units.

    I repaired mine for a challenge. I also bought one in case I failed the challenge. Now I have 2 working shift motor assemblies for my BT-50.

    As I've picked up more and more info, I've turned up more and more suppliers at much cheaper prices than aussie suppliers (bloody robbers).
    It looks like jacnden has found one as well.

    I've found that Tata vehicles (utes from Bangladesh) use the same shift motor 45-54-648-004-A. Same as your shift motor Amazon. Used in the Tata 207 auto.

    The places to get them from are China via Alibaba. They supply s/e asia with these parts. I think that's why the Mazda BT50s and Ford Rangers ex Thailand have compatibility problems with US versions.

    Repairing these things is a challenging exercise but its a lot simpler to buy one via Alibaba and bolt in on yourself.

    My enquiries via Alibaba about the numbering system have to date yielded info that the shift motors 47-60-648-001-A are interchangeable with 47-60-648-001-B. Still don't know what the A/B difference is though and still enquiring about 648/001. Probably more an exercise in knowledge now more than anything else. These units are used in Great Wall vehicles Wingle/Haval. They also fit the older BT-50s and Ford Rangers from Thailand.

    I'll put up the Alibaba contacts on here if the edit function lets me do it. If not I'll put up another posts shortly with the details.
  17. ronje

    ronje New Member

    Well, I've found quite a number of south east Asian vehicles that use the same (or interchangeable) shift motor.
    Tata (India/Bangladesh) use it on their range of pickup/light trucks ( 207, 407, Telco Safari, Sumo and Sierra) and some military vehicles.
    Great Wall (China) use it on their Wingle, Hover and V200, V240 range.
    SSsangyong (Korea) use it on their Korando, Musso and Rexton vehicles.
    There was an arrangement between a S/E Asian manufacturer and Borg Warner that was terminated in 1982 about BW stuff being made under licence in S/E Asia. That probably coincided with the numbering debacle with USA sticking to American vehicles.

    Anyway here are 2 Alibaba sources for shift motor 47-60-648-001-A (same as Jacnden got hold of. Don't know if that one works yet but it should). I got a part B model which works.
    There are others.
    Buy off Alibaba if you like the price. Most Alibaba suppliers have minimum buy numbers but most will sell a "one off" if you allude to it being a test run of the product before you commit to more.

    They have a 7 pin round plug which should plug straight in.
    Replacement is easy. Put vehicle in 2WD. Get under. Take off shift protection plate. Unplug connector. Take out 3 little bolts holding shift motor to transmission case. Fit new one (it'll only go on one way). Plug connector in, put protection plate back on and test.
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  18. ronje

    ronje New Member

  19. Everyday Wknd

    Everyday Wknd New Member

    Thanks ronje, this information is greatly appreciated! I'll check this out and hopefully get my order in!
  20. Everyday Wknd

    Everyday Wknd New Member

    Decided to do the diy repair job on my shift motor today. I ended up drilling a small hole in the actuator plate (because I couldn't get the little plastic front cover off) and filled with inox swirled it all around and drained it out. Put everything back together and so far so good after a few test runs up the driveway. Few hours of garage time hopefully just saved myself some brass...

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