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pics of 32.7 inch tyres on PX Ranger

Discussion in 'PJ/PK Ranger / Old BT50' started by timothy2222, Dec 6, 2011.

  1. timothy2222

    timothy2222 New Member

    Bought some second hand 285x70x17 tyres on ebay.
    1 New and 4 second hand for $125.00
    Got them fitted today on the standard mags.
    To my and the tyre fitters amazement they are a really good fit and dont look to large on the vehicle. There is still plenty of clearance everywhere. They dont rub anything.
    Nearly 33 inch Tyres with no lift is pretty cool in my book.

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  2. 03hilux

    03hilux 4x4 Earth Contributer

    looks good. Have you checked to see how far out the speedo is?
  3. timothy2222

    timothy2222 New Member

    My speedo originally showed about 94km per hour doing about 100.
    Now I think it shows about 101 doing about 100.
    I will have to check it better as I only had a quick glance a few times cause there was traffic and my iPhone does not have a cradle yet.
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  4. Jeep_jk112

    Jeep_jk112 Active Member

    Interesting, my mate has a brand new wildtrack( the most recent shape before yours)
    He has 32's and they scrub like a mofo with any flex offroad and thats with a 2 inch lift!
    Have you flexed yours up as of yet?
  5. timothy2222

    timothy2222 New Member

    My last car was a 2003 Hilux dual cab it had a 50mm suspension lift and a 50mm body lift.
    I had 32 inch tyres on it and it would scrub going up my work driveway with the wheels near full lock.
    This does not scrub at the same place. There seems to be plenty of room around the tyres but I will do some more serious flex tests tomorrow and see if I can make it scrub.
  6. Jeep_jk112

    Jeep_jk112 Active Member

    I'm interested to see how you go with that.
    I wonder how much larger if any the wheel arches are from the previous shape (that my mate owns) I'll get the tape measure out if i remember next time i see him.




    Just thought i'd throw some pics in for the hell of it, i have to admit i used to hate the look of the rangers now i'm "Warming" to them
  7. timothy2222

    timothy2222 New Member

    That blue ranger looks tuff as.
    Having the mud guards off look way better as well.
    I need to tuffen my car up. For the last 15 years I have always had tuff black Hilux's with muddies and lift kits.
    I got way over the black hilux look after having 3 Black hilux's one after another. The reason I went white ford for a change.
    Now Im thinking white looks a little commercial like a telstra truck or something.
    I think a 50mm lift with some big wheels with muddies should do the trick, always does.

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  8. Jeep_jk112

    Jeep_jk112 Active Member

    you definatly won't regret the white paint job once you start hitting the tracks, you'll be able to lead other cars through overgrown tracks without any visible marks, whilst the guy with the red paint job behind you has some new white pin stripes:eek:
  9. ScottH

    ScottH New Member

    cheers timothy2222, is good to know! I am currently sourcing new hoops for my PX Ranger... Not many decent wheel designs out that will fit as I believe they are a +55mm offset? (correct me if i'm wrong anyone) going for less offset may cause issues with bigger tyres scrubbing though. But at least then you won't be lying when you tell your partner you 'need' the lift kit :)
  10. hookem

    hookem New Member

    Hi i to have been trying to get some new wheels and tyres fitted to a px ranger but no one can tell me down my way width, offset, tyre width so all great info are the XLT wheel an 8 as i have a XL and they are 7?
  11. timothy2222

    timothy2222 New Member

    Yeah xlt has 17x8 wheels.
  12. craigfire

    craigfire New Member

    Px Lift

    I'm thinking about purchasing the XLT, but one thing the dealer said to me was that I won't be able to lift it due to the Rollover mitigation feature. Anyone else heard that?
  13. timothy2222

    timothy2222 New Member

    Maybe give Dobinson suspension a ring. They have lift kits for them already.
  14. LEDLightsAust

    LEDLightsAust New Member

    I have a PJ Ranger with Sunraysia rims and 31.5 BFG muddies.
    Will these rims fit the PX XLT which I have coming in the next couple of weeks?
  15. Hard Yaka

    Hard Yaka New Member

    Hey T2222 how did you go with your trial of the BFG's?

    Anyone else fitted this size? Just wondering how they go when you get a little flex.
  16. eveyoz

    eveyoz New Member

    Any more pics?

    I'm also on the Goldie and get my xlt on a week on Monday.

  17. mert303

    mert303 New Member

    are there any more pictures we can see the whole side if u can mate
  18. timothy2222

    timothy2222 New Member

    Here are some more pictures of my truck with 285-70-17 Tyres.
    The pictures have Snake Exteneded Shackels, 40mm Dobinson springs and Snake Strut spacer.
    I have since taken out the Strut spacers. As the Spacer and spring lifted the front over 100mm
    I also have on order Dobinson rear springs and shocks.
    I have had the strut spacer machined down
    the front springs have sttled down a bit now and with the new strut spacer should give me a 3 inch lift allround.

    There is no problem with this size tyre at all. The tyre fits the car perfect with no ill handling.

    I also have bought some 25mm wheel spacers to play around with.
    With these wheel spacers on the tyres still fit within the guards no scrubbing or ill effects.
    The car looks way better with the spacers on.

  19. tony1982

    tony1982 New Member

    Hey looks awesome. Did you use the standard shockers?
  20. timothy2222

    timothy2222 New Member

    In that photo I had standard shocks.
    I was just experimenting with different options.
    I have since replaced the shocks with Dobinson units.

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