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Pathfinder - petrol to diesel

Discussion in 'Motors' started by D21fan, Jul 15, 2017.

  1. D21fan

    D21fan New Member

    Hi, I have a '91 D21 pathfinder, I'm considering fitting a diesel engine.
    The D21 Terrano comes with the TD27.
    I'll be using standard D21 engine mounts etc etc. I'm in QLD. I will have a doner D21 Terrano.
    Also, I have a FS5R30a g/box from a Terrano 11, to replace the w71

    Apart from the technical aspects, and considering this is an optional engine for the D21, what hoops do I have to jump thru to do this?

  2. D21fan

    D21fan New Member

    anyone ?
  3. oldlux

    oldlux Well-Known Member

    I can't help sorry but I am keen to know how you get on with this conversion. Keep us posted ay?
  4. deepop

    deepop 4x4 Earth Contributer

    Sorry mate. I had the D21 for years and thought about it but never did it. Get on to the PCOA forum. Plenty of info there.

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