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Nissan Patrol GU 2.8 TD, Thoughts & Opinions

Discussion in 'General 4x4 Discussion' started by Jarh73, Jan 18, 2009.

  1. Jarh73

    Jarh73 New Member

    Hey All

    I was just after thoughts and opinions on the GU 2.8 Turbo Diesel Patrol 1998-2000 (early 2000)

    I worked for Nissan in 1998 and got to drive these quite a bit and i really liked them but never had the chance to go off road.

    On road they were fine and the 2.8TD really had some character as an engine because you had to drive it a certain way to get the best out of it.

    Down low it was not ideal and i always wondered how the turbo coming in would effect it going off road, i assumed it would have a very sensitive throttle, no power one second then it all come on with a rush!

    I'm sure an exhaust system and computer upgrade would solve that :)

    So far as i know the durability of the engine is pretty good, not in the same league as the 4.2L but better than most of the 3.0L motors.

    I had heard some anecdotal evidence that the gearboxes are weaker and possibly an issue with the clutch not a straight forward replacement.

    Given my budget the 2.8 represent good value for money, sure I'd love a 4.2 (who wouldn't???) but they are just far to expensive.

    I'm looking for a 2.8 with around 150,000km on it, and they do appear from time to time.

    Is 150,000km low for one of these? For a 4.2L that about run in :)

    I'm not looking at hardcore off road, I'd be thinking a 2 to 3 inch lift and 33inch tyres.

    I only do about 10,000km a year driving to the train station and back including work related trips so i can bias the vehicle to off road use.

    Main thing I'm curious about is the long term durability and off road ability.

    Looking forward to your thoughts and opinions.


  2. Pure Yobbo

    Pure Yobbo Moderator

    Hey Justin,

    Wait for Frosty to come on line - he has one and loves it. Quozie had one and he has alot of info on them as well. Quozie will be able to give you a good comparision between the 2.8 and the 4.2 as he now has a 4.2

  3. frosty

    frosty Well-Known Member

    G'day Justin! Justin here! Check out my 4wd. Nissan Patrol 2.8 intercooled turbo diesel 1998. Mines now done 225 000 km. Other than 1 set of belts, 2 timing belts, new injectors at 200 000 km and new filters every 5000 km, I have not spent a cent on it. (mods and the occasional repair excepted!:rolleyes:) And it has had some serious bashing and bit of touring. It tows my Camper Trailer and boat with ease. Loaded, about a tonne. Things to look out for when looking at the 2.8 are, harder to start when at running temp. The injector pump needs overhauling. $2000.00 approx. Some are exceptionally doughy at the bottom. They should'nt be. Mine still is not. When you test drive one, give it a fair hard time. It should rev to 4000 almost instantly in 1st. Mine has a straight through 2.5 inch exhaust, no mufflers at all, and a snorkal. I considered a chip, just have'nt got round to it yet. (had the car 8 years) It will rev to near 5000 almost instantly, if I let it. The throttle is touchy but like every vehicle, you get used to it. As for bottom end torque, in low range it has heaps. On a 60' incline, the revs can drop as low 900 or so and if you tromp it, it will easily build power. It tows medium size loads well. I have towed boats over 4 tonne with mine and handled it, allbeit, a little slow. Fuel economy should about 14/15 or so to the hundred. about 800 km / tank around town. People bag the gearbox, it's fine. So long as it feels firm and shifts and sounds good, it will handle the 2.8 easily. They have'nt ALL blown up yet!
    A good all round bus that will serve you well if you find a well maintained one. For the money that is being asked for them, a good will do all the things you ask of it. Your biggest problam will be finding a really good one. They are over 10 years old now. Give me a yell if you need any help.

  4. Jarh73

    Jarh73 New Member

    Very Interesting Points Frosty!

    I guess i have a soft spot for the 2.8 Turbo as well.

    When i worked for Nissan I got to drive the 2.8 quite a bit, in fact if i needed a car I'd always go for the 2.8 :)

    I towed a huge double axle caravan around the mornington peninsula for a customer and I was surprised how well it did it. The extra load helped the turbo come on boost earlier so it never really felt doughy off the line.

    Its certainly a very revy engine but i think that made it interesting to drive.

    I'm not in a great rush to get one but the prices are coming down to a level i can afford and there is still enough with less than 150,000km on them, which i think is lowish km in the grand scheme of things.

    I currently have 2000 Model Nissan Pathfinder and I really like it, I think it is one of the most underated 4WD's around. Its fantastic on road handles very well.

    I stand to be put in my place but its the extra confidence of a diesel that i really like, and then there is the unbreakble nature of a Patrol, (Nissan should have got to that slogan first!), I worry about the pathfinder a little, i mean it can probably handle a lot more than i dish out to it off road but it MUST come home in one piece in much the same condition as it left home :) as its the wifes car 95% of the time. So that means you will always err on the side of extra caution.

    The extraroom wouldn't hurt either as kids are on the cards and camping has to be made as comfortable as possible if you know what i mean.

    I look forward to Quozie's comments as well.


  5. Nickj

    Nickj 4x4 Earth Contributer


    Selling the Pathy! Justin, if I could afford the juice to drive 150km to work and back every day, I would be in a GQ or 100series hands down! As you said, a couple of inches lift and some bigger tyres....
    Look at the Pathys, 2in lift and some good tyres, look where they (we) go! My mate has a 2.8 GQ, I think it has a bigger turbo on it. He is going to install a 5 litre Holden, cos he has one in the shed. Not much stops the 2.8 turbo though...
    It's difficult to go away for a few days with 2 kids in a Pathy without a trailer.

  6. Jarh73

    Jarh73 New Member


    I'm not selling the Pathy!!

    My Honda integra is approaching 280,000km (not bad for 1.8 litres) and I'm sure it will keep going as i have really looked after it but reality is a two door coupe is not so useful for me anymore.

    Sure it was handy doing laps on Chapel street when i was at uni ;)

    The Patrol would be my car and the Pathy is pretty much the wife's.

    I'm lucky to do 10,000km a year so running cost will be ok.

    Having two cars is an unfortunate reality for most of us so i might as well make the second car a car/Hobby/toy etc :)


  7. Jarh73

    Jarh73 New Member

  8. Jarh73

    Jarh73 New Member

    Well I went and did it got a 1998 Nissan Patrol 2.8TD.

    Will post pics later but in a nutshell:
    Nissan Patrol 1998 2.8 Turbo Diesel
    125,000 km
    Immaculate condition interior and exterior for a 1998 model.
    Body is very straight cannot find any sign of panel damage let alone a major accident.
    Put it this way if it has had a major accident it was exceptionally well repaired as i could not spot it! (and spotting accident damage is one of things i do well)

    -IPF Driving lights
    -12000lb winch with remote(never used)
    -ARB turbo timer
    -285/75r16 cooper ST tyres x 5 (spare brand new) less than 10,000km on the tyres
    -engine computer chip
    -3" lift kit with new springs ,shocks ,steering damper
    -tjm winch bullbar
    -tjm sidesteps and side bars
    -tow bar and rear bar
    -over 12 months rego
    -gme uhf radio
    -arb air compressor fitted under bonnet
    -dual batteries fitted
    -new fan belts
    -new windscreen
    -only travelled 8000kms on tyres and all accesories fitted
    -New Turbo Fitted due to oil leak at 111,000km
    -Safari Snorkel
    -Basic Recovery Kit.

    Has the dreaded 80kmh Patrol wobble but it does not look like its had castor correction well not plates maybe bushes. The wobble is felt throught the steeering wheel only it does not actually shake the car.

    Only real modifications planned are some engine improvements including a new exhaust system and some intake modifications.

    It actually goes quite well but you have to be in the right gear at the right time. Its not "powerful" by any stretch but I'm not towing or doing hardcore off road more extended touring. Best way to describe the power is that when you think 3rd gear will do you actually need 2nd gear!


    Last edited: Jul 9, 2009
  9. bmurray2250

    bmurray2250 4x4 Earth Contributer

    2.8 has a good name but has lack of power but chipping it helps.
  10. frosty

    frosty Well-Known Member

    Bang a snorkal and 2.5 straight thru system and you will be surprised at how much better it will go. If ya get serious, put a bigger turbo on it and have it dyno tuned.

    Sounds like a solid thing. Change ALL ya filters every 5000 km's and really look after it, it'll last for years. mines done 235000 km's still goeing strong and does every thing I want it to do. Some of it get's pretty serious.
    Last edited: Jul 9, 2009
  11. Jarh73

    Jarh73 New Member

    Researching the lack of power at the moment.

    Aftermarket exhaust systems are easy to get including the dump pipe so thats on the cards but it seems the intercooler is a big factor making the turbo work twice as hard.

    Recently spoke to place in adelaide that is making an upgraded intercooler similar to the one they do for the ZD30 intercooler.

    Nissan intercoolers are more strictly speaking "temperature stabilisers" they are quite restrictive and don't knock out the inlet temps by that much in th egrand scheme of things.


  12. Jarh73

    Jarh73 New Member

    Hi Frosty

    I hear you had some troubles with you Patrol? I hope everything is ok?

    I just added to the list that the Patrol came with a Safari Snorkel too.


  13. frosty

    frosty Well-Known Member

    I had my first mechanical breakdown on the to Middle Earth. The thermostat played up. So long as I stayed off the boost, it was OK. Replaced that, good as gold.

    Put a bigger pipe on it and it'll eat 4.2 lt.
  14. Jarh73

    Jarh73 New Member

    Frosty if you are interested:

    Intercooler Upgrade | Products | Cross Country 4x4

    These guys are going to do the same style of intercooler for the 2.8 Turbo with a larger more powerful fan underneath.

    Around $800.

    Standard intercooler by their calculations is pretty useless combined with a the fan temp setting being too high. So the theory is even with improved exhaust and chipping you just can't push enough air through the intercooler to make up for the extra fuel possibly a cause of the 2.8 smokeyness as well!


  15. frosty

    frosty Well-Known Member

    That's a good site and a good cheap alternative intercooler. I'll look at that!
  16. Jarh73

    Jarh73 New Member

    Ask for Grant, I spoke to him today on the phone for about 30 minutes.

    Seems to know his stuff regarding 4WD and intercooling compared to high performace turbo charged cars and intercooling.


  17. frosty

    frosty Well-Known Member

    cheers for that.
    I'm gunna ring them and have a chat.
  18. Tassie76

    Tassie76 New Member

    What's involved in a straight through exhausts system like frosty mentioned? Already have upgraded 2" exhaust. Do I just need to remove the muffler?

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