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mount in compressor

Discussion in 'D.I.Y' started by mighty, Nov 11, 2017.

  1. mighty

    mighty Member

    I want to add a compressor to my 80 series.
    I had previously a portable compressor and it was doing the job fine but the wiring got too worn and some other electrical issue that could not be repaired.
    What compressors are in the market to be mount in? not looking for anything too hi tech, if actually there is a way to adapt a portable to fit in, it would be great. any suggestions are welcome
  2. Buxter

    Buxter Well-Known Member

  3. mighty

    mighty Member

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  4. dabbler

    dabbler New Member

    ARB compressors can all be hard-mounted. They also sell an adaptor harness to suit the single barrel variant that comes in a carry case as well as pressure tanks if you don't have the resources to build one yourself.

    I'm sure several others can be hardmounted using their sand trays.
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  5. Batts88

    Batts88 Well-Known Member

    You can just about permanently mount any one you like. I have a Bushranger Max air I bought in 2004 I took the base of it and mounted it under the bonnet of a 60ser cruiser then in the back of a Disco then in a storage box I made in a GQ wagon I fitted a computer fan in the wall of the box to blow cooler air over it. For the past 7yrs it's been bolted in one of my under tray tool boxes on my ute. I fitted a breather filter to the top of the box to supply air and it runs through an air tank like the 3 previous 4WD's with a 120psi pressure relief valve, an outlet in the bull bar and one under the rear of the tray. I switch it on/off from inside the cab.
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  6. Albynsw

    Albynsw Well-Known Member

    I have the ARB one and are happy with it
    Look for one with an auto cutoff switch in it so that it is not running constantly when you are checking the pressure or between tyres
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  7. Buxter

    Buxter Well-Known Member

    Just look at the feet of the compressor, and it will soon tell you.
    Some will need reinforcing.
    Some will be excellent, and others you will stay right away from.
    I've had 2 ARB cpompressors mounted under bonnet, when I sold the Mighty Poootrol, the compressormhad to stay with it, dur to the fact that there was an Air Locker (ARB) in it, and when I purchased the 79 Series LandCruiser, the first thing i did to it was put in another ARB compressor ans locker.
    Originally 2004 I had a Pirana Big Red 2, compressor, just for desert travelling and tyre inflation/deflation, and it was just simply supurb, i gave it to a good mate. It was 15 years old, and still going strong.
    These days ppl tend to buy double ended compressors, for speed inflation speed, but I dont worry about that.
    Like Albynsw said an auto cutoff is the go.
    Cheers Buxter
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  8. phs

    phs Well-Known Member

    I think those Bigreds were a Thomas compressor very good quality but don't think you can get them in Aust any more people just go for big Lt/m. And even that's a joke after a few uses on these units that drops anyway

    VIAIR are also good quality
  9. Albynsw

    Albynsw Well-Known Member

    Bush ranger Max Air compressors use Viair units in their compressors as well
    They are a good reliable unit
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  10. SPOD_Here

    SPOD_Here Active Member

    What do you mean by reduce load? Electrical? There are engine driven compressors, is that what you mean? Like endless air,
  11. dabbler

    dabbler New Member

    I interpreted "load" to be cargo space.

    Is that correct, mighty?
  12. Biesel

    Biesel Active Member

    I have an ARB twin compressor mounted under the passenger seat. I do want to redo my brackets at some point but it work fairly well. Pretty fast compressor for a 12 volt unit, wouldn't mind a 4L tank on it as well though.
  13. dirvine

    dirvine Active Member

    Have a look at Vlair brand compressors. The reason why 150l/m is a joke is that is at 0 pressure. Also look at the duty cycle. The higher the number the longer the compressor will run. Ebay sell tanks and all the pressure valves, cut in /cut off switches tanks hoses etc. I have Vlair and a 12 ltr tank. When we air up after a trip I am all done with 4 wheels while others are still on their 1st! Also good to run rattle guns, and air tools. Just dont get a small tank as they empty quickly and then you are not much better than a compressor on its own.
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  14. 4x4xERIC

    4x4xERIC New Member

    wow that whole vid screamed as an ARB add, they showed a mounted tank style but didn't test it cos it had no hose or wiring. why not use a hose from one of the other pumps and a set of jumper leads??? if I can this of this... why wouldn't they??? not very informative vid go the kings thumper 4wd super centre cheap and effective
  15. hiluxdriver

    hiluxdriver Well-Known Member

    Depending on how much space you can allocate to it, the below might work. Mount a remote switch on the dash somewhere to add air lockers, or maybe some train horns haha. Could even run a rattle gun I bet too to make tyre changes a little quicker and easier.
  16. dirvine

    dirvine Active Member

    As I said a 6 ltr tank is too small. Also you need a proper compressor with real flow rates at the pressures you pump tyres to and a high duty cycle. If you must use one of those I am sure you can split the compressor and the tank. If I could i would fit endless air as it has all those requirements in spades, along with a 9-12ltr tank. but fitting one can be a pain on newer cars.
  17. Hoyks

    Hoyks Member

    If you are a bit handy and have some idea about electrical stuff, then it is easy to convert a standard 12V compressor.
    I did it with a ARB compressor years ago. Simply screwed a brass Tee onto the outlet from the compressor and screwed in a pressure switch. Run 12V to a relay and use the pressure switch to switch the relay on and off.
    A pressure switch is around $25 and a Tee $6
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  18. Grippy

    Grippy Well-Known Member

    I bought one of the Double Thumper Pumper Max things from 4wdsupacenter, I couldn't pass it up at the price. Original plan was to whack it under the bonnet as I'm sick of unpacking a compressor and waiting for it to cool down, but the thing is bloody huge. Ended up mounting it on the side right in the back of the Grand Cherokee, just enough room for it next to drawer and false floor, hardwired it with 4 gauge wire and 120amp circuit breaker. It works a treat, pumps up the tyres quicker than my compressor at home
  19. GaryM

    GaryM Well-Known Member

    unsealed 4x4 mag has done a round up or two. 4WD SC Thumpers did much better than most expected. How long they do it for who knows, but at under $100 for a single, and just over 100 for a twin. Its hard to argue with.

    I woudlnt rely on one if I was going somewhere remote, or a long way from a servo compressor as savings could cost you 4 tyres. Or theyre cheap enough to buy a spare.
  20. Batts88

    Batts88 Well-Known Member

    Yeah it would be interesting to know how reliable they are, what sort of life span people are getting out of them and roughly how much use they get. I expect they sell quite a lot of them, it wouldn't be profitable if they kept coming back with problems so they might be a good buy.

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