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Moreton Is info request

Discussion in 'Tracks Discussion' started by Superdad, Jul 14, 2017.

  1. Superdad

    Superdad Well-Known Member

    Hi all

    Hoping to get some info re Moreton Island and am tagging @Duzzy and @smwhiskey as i see they have gone recently but comments from anyone who has knowledge would be great

    I am looking to get the barge across to Moreton in September then drag my caravan up to Cowan Point for a week. I have plenty of sand driving experience and recovery gear (recovery points, snatch straps, winch, maxtraxx etc) and I'll take 2 x fence pailings for the jockey wheel in case i need to recover the van separately as well. However, i have never towed my 2.7t van on sand and I am conscious it is a big anchor...

    My 4WD is a V8 Petrol 100 series cruiser with lockers and 33's. The van is a dual axle Expanda. I figure starting at 14psi on all 8 tyres (subject to what people on the barge coming off the island are telling me) should be an ok starting point.

    The hitch is a normal ball hitch, not a full articulating off road hitch. The 4wd has air bags so i can get it sitting quite flat without sag in the rear

    Spoke with the Ranger who said it should be fine but thought i'd confirm in here...

    Questions are:
    1. have you guys seen vans at Cowan point?
    2. what is the exit off the barge like - do i need to be concerned about the lack of articulation in the ball joint hitch?
    3. i know conditions can change due to weather but what is the sand generally like? i assume it is like much of the east coast (ie reasonably hard and flat) as opposed to SA which understand can be far more "challenging"?
    4. any comments or advice locals can offer?

    Thanks in advance
  2. cam04

    cam04 Active Member

    Are you talking about Comboyuro point or have you got private property to camp on at Cowan Cowan?
    As long as you don't meet another you on the bypass tracks you will find it is similar to towing on Fraser and easy enough when it goes right. Getting off the barge has a tightish turn and can get chewed depending on which numpty going to the resort gets bogged in front of you.
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  3. Superdad

    Superdad Well-Known Member

    hi mate

    Ranger told me the best spot was in between Ben Ewa and Cowan Cowan at the point. Plenty of spots in just behind the trees. Ferry drops you off just north of the Wrecks then just drive straight up the beach till you hit the campsites?
  4. cam04

    cam04 Active Member

    Yes, and there is a np camping area in there too all south of Cowan. You have to nominate your camp when booking these days. You won't need the bypass tracks then which is good.
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