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MDC camper

Discussion in 'Camping Trailers' started by bodge58, Nov 18, 2017.

  1. hiluxdriver

    hiluxdriver Well-Known Member

    I see many people repeating issues with no first hand experience of a product, they read it somewhere so it must be true :confused:. Which is why the camper trailer company that cannot be mentioned sent a letter out threatening legal action for negative comments against their products.
  2. cam04

    cam04 Active Member

    Not to mention half the reviews on those generic sites are from other dealers masquerading as buyers to savage each other. You don’t need to prove anything to write a review these days. Mdc have had their demons and there are a few skeletons in their closet but their current day product is far removed from that stuff. I went in with open eyes and got rid of a Trakshak to buy the cape York. Our experience has been excellent considering the outlay.
  3. Archerman

    Archerman New Member

    I had this with my company in the UK. Fortuately, a few opinion sites will take down bad feedback where it can be proved the feedback isn't genuine so that only genuine feedback (positive and negative) is left. And a genuine company won't be upset about negative feedback as it allows them to provide genuine service recovery that often will leave a customer feeling better about their company of choice even though they didn't have the smooth transaction they were originally hoping for.
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