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Home made drawers

Discussion in 'General 4x4 Discussion' started by Stomb, Jul 14, 2008.

  1. big_60series

    big_60series New Member

    I wont be doing a draw systems for a while yet,need to save for a fridge first, but i thought i might put my fridge one side, draws next to it maybe 2 on top of each other then put in a false floor with a flip up section behind the back seat so when there folded down i can flip up a platform and put an air matress up there. should be plenty of room having a hi roof. then maybe a flip down dvd player from the roof. not sure what i will do about a water system yet but still looking around at ideas as im not in a hurry. its a shame my tail gate flips up and down,maybe i'll have to turn that into my cooking bench,mount the stove and a cutting board in the flip down bit of the tail gate. hmmmmmm love getting custom
  2. grit

    grit New Member

    Another option when making your own is HMR-MDF (High Moisture Resistant). Its (usually)cheaper than plywood (much cheaper than marine ply - most optimal choice) and easy to work with. It doesnt splinter along the grain edge like ply and can give an extremely smooth finish when sanded. I would still recommend sealing (NOT VARNISH) and I think any system should have carpet glued to it to stop rattling, scratching, etc. Its a better option than metal and more forgiving.
  3. Old55

    Old55 New Member

    Built these for my 80 a couple of months back.
    Used 8mm ply and total cost was $500 including the 20 litre storage containers.
    Was originaly going to use slides but decided for weight and cost this was better.
    Have done Cape and Vic high country with them and they dont move (four bolts into original floor bolts). The front lifts out and becomes a table that we put our small burner on and preparation area for quick stops.

    Have a photos on how I made it if your interested

    Cheers Rod

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  4. big_60series

    big_60series New Member

    hey rod, those draws look very impressive,i like the idea of the flip down prep area. I was thinking of mounting my cooker on a swing out hing where the fridge slides out so when the fridge sides out the cooker has to swing out,if you get what i mean but thanks for the ideas and i think the plastic containers are the way to go
    1.they keep weight down
    2.You can pull them out and carry them around if needed

    One question but, how do you carry your water, as im not sure as to how im going to carry my water yet?
  5. Old55

    Old55 New Member

    I use a 25 litre bladder in the r/h side guard panel (available from ARB) and this is generally enough for a weekend or day trip, if we take our CT we have a tank in that anyway. A jerry on the roof gives us a total of 45 litres.
  6. Tats

    Tats New Member

    Another Thought

    Water can also be carried in, say, 15 cm dia drain pipe(s) x the vehicle width, capped both ends, and with a tap on one end and a closeable breather on the top (similar to what you see on caravans). These can be attached to the bullbar, or if you have a step-up rear bumper bar, there that as well. They can be a little disconcerting for hard 4wding as the displacement of the water as it moves around inside the tubes feels strange, however, on long trips they work just fine, and are easily demountable when no longer required, and simple to store. Don't mount them up high on the bull bar or step, just at bumper level. You'll be surprised how much water they can hold!:eek:

  7. grit

    grit New Member

    I like the idea of the bladder inside the cavity - great use of usually unused space and a retractable tap head would work nicely with that setup.

    Good thing with a bladder is that it does not suffer from air-lock which can cause spluttering - not a good thing when topping up a glass or water bottle.
  8. Old55

    Old55 New Member

    We find it excellent and would have liked to put a second bladder in the left/side as well but the fuel filler intrudes too much into the cavity. So we store our extra bottle jack and toolkit in that side.
    If you fit a bladder it is important to line the inside of the guard with carpet or similar to stop rubbing or holing.
  9. grit

    grit New Member

    Yes, I had to fit one to one of the work trucks once, we put it in its own box on the flat-top and lined inside with carpet.

    As I said... "a great idea" that I intend utilising with a retractable hose & tap (like those on a hand shower). Rented a Catamaran on the Whitsundays a couple of months back and they had one set-up to shower off the salt water. It was set into the steps adjacent to the ladder platform. Worked a treat.
  10. Gunna

    Gunna Well-Known Member

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