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Holden Colorado RG Trip Computer

Discussion in 'Colorado' started by Boehamian, Jul 30, 2014.

  1. purt

    purt Member

    I have a 2015 colarado auto tray back it suffered from turbo lag when you put your foot down from a standstill I've put a chip on it and that's made a big difference goes a lot harder now it's got 285/65/17 tyres speedo reads 6kmh slow at 100 also the odo reads nearly 7km less per 100 ks it's bloody annoying when trying to work out fuel usage figures I've asked several Holden dealers if it can be calibrated all said no,Jaycar have a speedo calibration device I'm going to check out will let you know what I find out from them
    Cheers Purt
  2. Boehamian

    Boehamian Member

    Hi mate, just to let you know. I have been looking at a remap for my car, to fix the stalling issue and get a bit more out of it. I have spoken to a few ECU remap places and have been advised that they can program the computer for the changed tyre sizes and no trick box is needed. Just inquiry a little further too them to find out if they can adjust the fuel tank size as well to fix the distance too empty reading as well. Will let you know how I go.
  3. 4bytime

    4bytime New Member

    Hi Purt & Boehamian

    Old post I know but looking at getting a chip for my RG, just wanting to know which chips you have and we’re you able to fix the Speedo??

  4. Boehamian

    Boehamian Member

    no chip can do it as they are a piggyback style system. When I done mine i remapped the computer and they changed it inside the ecu when they done this. Any tuner should be able to do this. The only other option is there is a box you can get that change the signal via a percentage. If you speak to gauge works in Adelaide they can get this product. The best way though is to get changed inside the ecu.
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  5. SomeCant

    SomeCant Member

    like Boehamian said you cant change the speedo via those silly addon chips, the speedo data is sent to the dash cluster via the canbus from the ecu which also means the junk jaycar sells to recalibrate the speedo does not work.
    you have to change the offsets in the ecu and most holden dealers are clueless to this type of thing all they know is to connect it to the laptop and do what the sps allows.

    you need to get the job done properly for the Colorado which means no junk ebay chips!!! you need to reprogram the ecu.
    think of reprogramming the ecu like installing a custom ecu and a chip as connecting something to send false messages to the factory ecu.
    the reprogram ecu way is 100% better hands down don't waste your money on chips.

    these guys do it in wa
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  6. Boehamian

    Boehamian Member

    funny you stated street quick. John is the man who done my car. He is a top bloke and you won't be disappointed. He even organized for a mate of his in Alice to upload the tune for me. is a completely different car to drive. I allowed the speedo to read about 2km faster at 100km to allow for deeper tread and higher psi just to be safe.
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  7. 4bytime

    4bytime New Member

    Thanks for the info guys much appreciated. Do you know/recommend anyone in Melbourne?

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