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Georges Junction - Closed

Discussion in 'Camping Areas' started by Toddyh, Jan 14, 2016.

  1. zutta

    zutta New Member

    Very disappointing, we were lucky enough to camp here a few months back, and i think it was in the spot they are now saying is closed. :(
    Is it the flat area of grass that goes to a point going back towards kempsey ?
    How hard is it to pick your crap up and put it in the bin on the way out ? or take it home to your own bin?
  2. Chook Crumpton

    Chook Crumpton New Member

    Georges Junction is not closed, my husband and I have just camped there for 2 nights it was the worst camp we have ever experienced, it is a beautiful spot that we have camped at several times. it is now over run with cattle, they will destroy anything they can get their mouths around, and they make night time a nightmare.
  3. Kellie.G

    Kellie.G New Member

    Friends of my husbands camped at Georges Junction over Easter and the pics on Facebook look awesome :):)
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  4. Paddler Ed

    Paddler Ed Well-Known Member

    Did they stay at Georges Junction or down the road at Cracknback?

    I know that Steve was booked out at Cracknback for Easter from about Christmas...
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  5. KLD

    KLD New Member

    Georges Junction is not closed but the farmer has closed most of it apart from the top grassy paddock although he doesn't have signs up to say this so you set up camp and then get told to move. We stayed here over Christmas and new year and we won't be going back, the cows are a menace and eat your washing, get into the rubbish bins and spread it everywhere and then get diarrhoea because they have eaten human food and rubbish. While we were there people had their camper trailers damaged from cows trying to get into food and one poor camper had a cow rip through their tent
  6. Paddler Ed

    Paddler Ed Well-Known Member

    A good chunk of the area down there is TSR, which the farmers lease from LLS. Therefore, they are able to close it off, especially as up the hill there is now very little feed around for livestock (I've seen adverts already locally looking for agistment for sheep and cattle, as well as people carting hay for stock).

    The area over the river IS TSR, and not the campsite, however, it has historically been de facto camping until last year when the idiots got into it.

    Cows are inquisitive, and generally a bit nosey, so of course something new is interesting... hence the eating of the washing and trying to get into food.

    One of the problems is if people leave their rubbish lying around, of course livestock are going to get into it. If the bin is full, then bag it up and take it out with you instead of leaving it in a pile next to the bin. The council depot is over 100km away (it's run by Armidale Council, not Kempsey) so of course the bins aren't going to be emptied frequently - we have friends who live 20km out of town and don't get a rubbish collection, they have to take it to the dump themselves (which is only open a couple of times a week...)

    Last thing, I've spoken to a couple of mates who have been working on Big Hill and the surrounding area... Please don't try to tow caravans or anything much bigger than a box trailer up the hill - one of them had an interesting moment when a caravan was unable to reverse upon meeting the pilot car that was escorting him down the hill with the prime mover, loaded semi trailer and excavator... he said he ended up with 2 out of 3 trailer wheels on side hanging off the edge as he could reverse.

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