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Fuel filter Pajero NL

Discussion in 'Fuel System' started by TomDownUnder, Jun 22, 2010.

  1. TomDownUnder

    TomDownUnder Member

    hey there...
    I need to change my fuel filter in my 99 Pajero NL (3500 SOHC 6G74 Motor)...
    does anyone know how to do to do that???
    I got the filter and I know where it is - but as I tried to loosen the Hoses Petrol was leaking out like hell...:confused::confused::confused:
    is there some trick or some hint to do the job...

    help would be highly appreciated...:D


  2. Big Rig

    Big Rig 4x4 Earth Contributer

    They are a high pressure fuel system. Just make sure the ignition is turned off. Loosen the clamps and pull the hoses off. Fuel will spray out until the pressure is relieved then it will just drain from the filter.
  3. TomDownUnder

    TomDownUnder Member

    thank you - so a little loss of petrol is normal ;o)
    I'll try this tomorrow...
  4. shovelboy

    shovelboy New Member

    also release the pressure in the tank by releasing the cap before you crack the bolts too as this will stop alot of fuel spray
  5. russell789

    russell789 Member

    if you want to do it really tricky you can clamp the lines with line clamps to minimize the fuel coming out, available from most places like supercheap and repco.

    these should be in your 4x4 tool kit anyways so on the off chance if you tear a brake line off in the bush you can clamp the line and limp home with some braking ;)
  6. TomDownUnder

    TomDownUnder Member

    yea I have had a thought about that - but the fuel line coming from the tank is metal - no hose... so I can only block of the one from the filter to the front...
    but thx for the tips anyway ;o)

    cheers Tom
  7. InGoodCompany

    InGoodCompany New Member

    TomDownUnder, Trace the fuel lines back further towards the fuel tank, from memory you can clamp the lines there, but you will loose some go juice so wear eye protection.

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