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Diesel engines and snorkel's

Discussion in 'Fuel System' started by KDA, Jun 22, 2010.

  1. KDA

    KDA New Member


    just after a bit of advice, i have a diesel navara and looking to have a snorkel installed and was wondering besides the obvious reason of fitting a snorkel (letting the engine breath in deep crossings etc) does the introduction of fresh cool air have any effect on the engine?

    I know there would be an advantage having fresh cooler air for a petrol engine, as i had a full cold air induction kit on my commodore which boosted performance and economy but can the same be said for Diesel engine?

    still getting use to the diesel systems.

  2. Joe

    Joe Active Member

    G'day mate. Well worth fitting a snorkel, you'll find that the power and economy will improve a little. And you'll find that the air filter won't need to be cleaned or changed as often either.
    My brother fitted one to his diesel 80 series, and it made a difference.
  3. Towie

    Towie Moderator

    Yes its a very worthwhile mod & investment in some cheap insurance if you hit water crossing often..
    Along with a new zuast it will breath better idle down faster & turbo's usually spin up a touvh earlier..... IMO

    Safari have a new 4inch one piece comming out for 79 Series Cruisers & i will be replacing the factory one as soon as they release it in a month or so...

    cheers towie
  4. Joe

    Joe Active Member

    I'm glad to hear that there will be a replacement for the Toyota two piece snorkel. I'm looking to buy a 79 series in the next 6 months and that will be one of the first things I do.
  5. KDA

    KDA New Member

    I have now had my snorkel installed for a few weeks now, the guys at mitchell brothers 4x4 in nth sydney did an out standing job in installing it.

    going great so far, running nicely and a small improvement in fuel economy and a lil less exhaust smoke.

    But now to show my nebieness again, in reguards to water. now its installed it can take a bit deeper water crossings but what about when driving in the rain? would much water make it down and through to the filter or does the water build up and sit in the intake system?

    any snorkel gurus able to shed some light on the subject?
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  6. Walkabout

    Walkabout Moderator

    The head of a typical snorkel is designed to evacuate the water that enters via rain, the rush of air being drawn in and then turning 90 deg corner causes the water droplets to move to the outside and stick to the inner lining of the air ram, from here they drain out near where the air ram is connected.
    Diesels love cold air, especially intercooled turbo ones. You will mainly notice this when under load like towing a camper trailer etc. The difference between towing on a 35 deg day and an 8 deg cool night is quite noticeable - better power and torque plus less fuel usage.
  7. legaleagle

    legaleagle New Member

    Yeah, I still couldn't make out whether it has increased the power but it's a relief now that my air filter needs less cleaning.
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2010
  8. sschmez

    sschmez Member

    My fuel economy became worse after installing a safari snorkel.

    Sometimes it helps to keep the filter cleaner but on some of the overgrown tracks of the high country I've had an airbox full of those fine little dry leaves, insects and all sorts of interesting stuff - even after turning the head to the rear.

    Regarding rain and splashes into the snorkel, maybe the head design helps to get rid of some of the water (if you unblock and keep the little slots clean) but I think that the minimal amount of water that actually gets in evaporates very quickly with the volume of air that travels through the motor.

    Would I be without it? - NO .... I would've drowned my car many times.

  9. 1200ob

    1200ob Member

    modern electronic turbo diesel engines are so highly controlled that it will not make much difference to power or fuel economy. made no diff to my d40 auto. On cold nights, the cool air running over the turbo veins makes a distinct noise that is disturbing until you work it out. The auto has a much more noticeable induction noise. defnitely get one though because the air up behind the headlioght is not conducive with offroad engine life?
  10. KDA

    KDA New Member

    snokel still going well but still havnt had a big test for it (havnt been off roading for while now) as for fuel usage i use the road trip iphone app which keeps track of your fuel and kilometres and has been consistent at using less fuel then before the install.

    i was a bit worried that when the guys who installed the snorkel showed me that mud had made its way up through to the air box so im glad that the air intake has been moved.

    Just like 1200ob said there is an induction noise and a bit of a growl if you plant your foot on the go pedal but sounds rather mean, and not a bad thing.
  11. redmann

    redmann New Member

    If you check in your engine bay there is a 'pre-cleaner' just before your airbox. This gets rid of any rocks/water/leaves etc that may travel down your snorkel... It then has some nasty bends then goes into your airbox... Personally i'd change it to make a smooth transition from snorkel direct to airbox.
  12. CHUAH1

    CHUAH1 Member

    I found instantly better throttle respond, slightly more power and better fuel economy... A MUST!:D
  13. lethalleroy71

    lethalleroy71 New Member

    I have a Navara D22. Fitted snorkel and picked up a bit on economy and power. Keeps air filter cleaner a bit longer too. Few differant types/ brands to choose from.
  14. cam190

    cam190 New Member

    Hey guys i just purchased a new ST-X D23, i have been out of the 4X4 world now for a few years trying to get back into it.. slowly adding all the off road mods can anyone help with the question - by adding the Snorkel how much does that increase the wading depth

  15. smitty_r51

    smitty_r51 Well-Known Member

    It might not

    All the snorkel does is raise the air intake

    You then have your breathers to think about (gearbox, fuel, diffs, transfer case)

    You have your alternator (difference between the dmax @450 and Colorado @600 is where the alternator is fitted)

    Then there are the door seals etc that stop the cab filling with water.

    Finally there is the point when the car actually starts to float
    Snorkel will reduce the chances of your diesel hydro-locking on a gut full of water, it will not do much to change the wading depth
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  16. Batts88

    Batts88 Well-Known Member

    Most air intakes are in the inner guard a snorkel obviously raises it to the top of the windscreen so lots people think there's no limit now which is wrong. A snorkels main purpose is to help protect the " motor " from water injestion remember you have an alternator and other electrical devices that are still at the original height so realistically it hasn't changed if you know your going through a deep crossing fit a tarp or something across the front and keeping forward momentum happening also your engines cooling fan will be spinning at high revs and probably won't appreciate trying to run while submerged. Nothing worse than stopping midstream from an electronic failure or having to deal with strange electrical problems later on. Also diff breathers etc need to be raised as well.
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  17. Batts88

    Batts88 Well-Known Member

    The snorkel head is designed with flutes in it that help drain water away even in the heavies of down pours that's why personally I think it's best to stick to reputable brands that may have been tested and built to do the job correctly.
    If you plough into deep water you can still get a gutful and you may have to stop and drain water out of the air box so approach deep water with caution as you would before the snorkel was fitted.
  18. cam190

    cam190 New Member

    yeah ok cool.... i never thought about the alternator and i have plans for the breathers etc... so really just a 2inch lift and momentum is the only thing that can really help. how much would you expect to pay for a snorkel these days 500 - 600 fitted ?
  19. Blue_haired_man

    Blue_haired_man Well-Known Member

    all depends on the install, namely how well sealed the snorkel is using sensor safe silicone.
    You should also consider a breather kit run as high as possible(engine bay or air box) as from factory they are fairly short and due to the cooling effect of cool water on warm diff/transfer case/gearbox will suck in water.
    Cheers Leo
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