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colorado restart after fuel filter change.

Discussion in 'Colorado' started by orbea17, Jun 18, 2017.

  1. orbea17

    orbea17 New Member

    Hi to all members, I have just replaced my fuel filters on my Colorado and after a lot of frustration in bleeding the air from the system the car now starts but I don't have any throttle. Can anyone help please.
  2. mac_man_luke

    mac_man_luke Well-Known Member

    If everything is back together correctly eg hoses going to the right spots
    then id say there is still some air in there, maybe let it idle for a while will sort it?
    No check engine lights/codes?
  3. orbea17

    orbea17 New Member

    Thanks Luke I still have air in the system, do you have any suggestions of a reliable method of bleeding the system. Thanks.
  4. Albynsw

    Albynsw Well-Known Member

    If the motor starts just let it idle for a few minutes while pumping the primer on your filter housing if you have one
    It should clear the air out of the system itself
  5. hiluxdriver

    hiluxdriver Well-Known Member

    welcome to the forum too
  6. Tink

    Tink Well-Known Member

    How many fuel filters on the Collie? Are the filters done up tight? Are all hose clamps done up tight? Have you primed the filter/s?
  7. ULost2

    ULost2 Well-Known Member

    want an old fuel filter trick for manual vehicles -- park the vehicle at the top of a hill -- make sure it will roll from the parking spot -- remove /replace filter -- turn the ignition on -- select 3rd/4th gear -- let her roll down the hill as if being tow started. Once the system is full of diesel and not air you can drive it
    Worked well on the older and better [more simpler] donks but I don't of any reason it wouldn't work on new stuff
    Just remember a donkey told you :rolleyes:
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  8. muc the truck

    muc the truck Well-Known Member

    Roadside repairs should be avoided at all costs . servicing on the side of the road should never be done. People die just changing tyres , your saying to do a service on a hill and roll it down until it starts . Shaking my head like your donkey does to get rid of flies.

    I would have said spend 5-10 dollars on a workshop cd manual and learn out to bleed your fuel system . And reminded them to look in the owners manual if they still have one as its in there for free.
    some o-rings can drop out of place when screwing on some filters , any o-rings pinched will suck air and introduce air into the system
    Some times I have come across cars and trucks with a stuffed hand primer and no parts available until parts are ordered in . So to prime vehicle like this , turn the regulator down to its lowest setting on a air compressor , Undo the bleed screw. Hold a damp rag or rubber glove over fuel tank filler opening and squirt in some compressed air into the tank . This pushes fuel up the fuel pick up back to the filter . it bleeds the system .
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  9. itlldoo

    itlldoo Well-Known Member

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  10. cam04

    cam04 Active Member

    What model Colorado? The Isuzu powered version was simply turning the ignition on an off a few times and the rail bleeds the lines automatically - before starting it. The VM motori version, well, probably involves a priest and some dancing. The Isuzu version has clear instructions in the glove box Manual. Had a read?
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  11. ULost2

    ULost2 Well-Known Member

    umm; who said anything about on a road way ?? ;) . It's just another way to do; it as we had to do it in the days dirty black fuel
  12. SomeCant

    SomeCant Member

    that's how the dealer bleeds the rg Colorado(VM version) when they change the filters during servicing.
    they just turn the ignition off and on a number of times letting the fuel pump prime the system and then eventually start the vehicle.
    the air in the system should be pushed back into the tank via the return while doing this.

    older vehicles had mechanical fuel pumps not electric so rolling them down a hill would turn the engine which would make the fuel pump begin pumping because the engine is turning but with these fancy electric fuel pumps that's not really needed.

    to the op on the issue of no throttle check that you have no engine fault codes with an obd scanner, your vehicle might be stuck in a limp mode because an error might have been thrown.
    sometimes they self clear because the ecu performs diagnostics on the go but sometimes they have to be cleared using a obd scanner.
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