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Cheap android gps Device

Discussion in 'GPS Talk' started by mauriceb, May 4, 2017.

  1. Cyberess

    Cyberess Active Member

    Been using Tablet holder from Jaycar for quite some time, it works great both with both 8" and 10" tablets and cost just below $40.

    The only issue I have had with them, is that after 18 months on the windscreen and in the hot Darwin sun, the suction cup goes brittle and breaks, still you people that live in the southeast, probably will never have this issue :p

    Some old pictures from my last vehicle of the Jaycar tablet hloder in use -
    A handy hint if you want the suction cup to stick like mad, just spray some glass cleaner on the suction cup then place straight on the windscreen

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  2. markortink

    markortink New Member

    Just be careful because the Lenovo is a 7inch tablet, so make sure the mount can contract to that. Cheers
  3. markortink

    markortink New Member

    I gave up on getting mud maps onto SD card. Fortunately it does fit on the Lenovo with not much left over.
    I have several other mapping products installed and since they can use the SD card things work.
  4. Boots33

    Boots33 Member

    I use OsmAnd on my tablet and have found it to be a good offline map app. It uses Open Street Map data and usually gives great detail when off road. The added bonus of using OSM is if you are in an area that has trails that aren't yet mapped you can add them in yourself.
    I added the camp areas to Kwiambal National Park and also Clarence River Wilderness Lodge.
  5. Cyberess

    Cyberess Active Member

    Oops -- I was meant to say meant to 7" to 10" -- the pictures are of a old 7" Nexus Tablet in the tablet holder ;)
    As for a app, try "Locus Map Pro" and the cost is AU$8.99
    What nice about "Locus Map Pro" it has
    • 250K Geoscience Raster maps available to download free of charge from with the App
    • Has the excellent OSM (Open Street Maps) from within it's store, with Contour Lines and Hill Shading and they can be offlined
    • Can add other maps sources, and those can be offlined as well
    • Use your own maps -- I have converted the old Raster Geoscience Natmaps 100K of the NT working
    • Can offline Satellite with a bit of tweeking
    • I believe it's the highest rated mapping app from the Google Store.
    • Excellent Track Recording features.
    I can go on all day about Locus Maps Pro :D and I reckon it's makes Mud Maps and Hema Maps look rather average -- Yeah I have them all installed, and Locus Pro is my favourite, if you can't tell.
  6. mauriceb

    mauriceb Active Member

    As far as i know Hema 4wd is only for IOS, correct me if wrong . Android is Hema explorer ,very similar with less maps , no a bad app but i prefer Ozi . Hema explorer allows you to download and store satellite tiles maps which is a plus. I have never had a problem with the 90mm suction Ebay china windscreen mounts. I never let them hang and flop around . Fit them so the base of the Tab touches the dash to take the weight under a strip of thin dense foam
  7. mauriceb

    mauriceb Active Member

    Yes OSM is a great map i run those maps on Garmin nuvi's beside Oziexplorer. Surprising how it contain many recent tracks not found on the older maps.
  8. boobook

    boobook Well-Known Member

    Hema 4wd is actually Memory Map for IOS except that they also package the HEMA maps where as Memory Map is free then you buy the maps. Memory Map is also available for Android, PC and Apple Mac. So you can get the same as Hema 4wd maps on any of these platforms. Even better you get 2 licences for HEMA and you can add 250k topo for free. Plus Westprint, plus vic topo 25k etc
  9. billolga

    billolga 4x4 Earth Contributer

  10. billolga

    billolga 4x4 Earth Contributer

    I set the Country as Australia & the settings were fixed.
    Settings - Start Configuration Wizard (Or Regional in Settings)
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  11. mauriceb

    mauriceb Active Member

  12. sharkcaver

    sharkcaver Well-Known Member

  13. mauriceb

    mauriceb Active Member

    Good reading and a lot of time spent on all your info. May I add and not sure if you realise that you can import .gpx files into Ozi Android from its operation menu. You can also download Ozitrackconverter for free from Google play .This will convert most files and place them in the same folder you converted from. If you import a .gpx that contains tracks and w/p's you have the option in the operation menu to unload either if you find the screen to clustered.
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  14. sharkcaver

    sharkcaver Well-Known Member

    I will have to look into that Maurice. The only option I saw was to load waypoints from a gpx. Nothing for tracks.
  15. Zamunda

    Zamunda Active Member

    Have to admit maps in a $90 Lenovo tablet is the best value for money gadget.
    For off-road driving I download Hema maps from the app store ($39.99) and for street navigation I have Google maps (works on gps, no need for wifi ). That's $140!!

    Pic below - Lenovo Tablet on the left, next to my $600 VMS (wasn't worth the money spent). The VMS is rather old and on it's last legs, so will keep the VMS on the dash until it dies a natural death.

    Looks pretty cool having two "gadgets" :D

    @Cyberess Got the windscreen bracket from Jaycar. Thanks for that.
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  16. mauriceb

    mauriceb Active Member

    Try, 'Here we go maps' or CoPilot or other from Google play for street Navigation both have the ability of downloading maps as you wouldn't always have data reception.
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  17. Zamunda

    Zamunda Active Member


    Thanks heaps mate. Beers on me when our paths cross one day :)
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  18. sharkcaver

    sharkcaver Well-Known Member

    Sorry Maurice, I don't want to hijack your thread, but this may help others looking in at some stage:

    I bought a bluetooth GPS module from Amazon to trial. I wasn't happy with the flakey speed reading from ozi android and suspected the internal GPS wasn't getting the signal it needed for a seamless transition of data.

    So enter the globalsat BT-821.

    It arrived in under a week from the states. Gotta be happy with that. It also arrived yesterday (a Saturday - which surprised me), an hour before work. So I quickly paired it with all my android devices and took it for a 115Km run at work.

    Now the HDop and number of sat's didn't seem to improve, but the fix did last longer in tunnels and under overhead concrete structures.

    What a difference it made in the speed output reading. I therefore suggest the whole tracklog is more complete and accurate. Which to me seems to suggest even a budget tab without an internal gps, as long as it has bluetooth, could be pushed into sat nav usage. I cant answer the question on how well the lower processing power a budget tab would have in regards to running ozi.
  19. mauriceb

    mauriceb Active Member

    No problems Shane .You dont seem to have that gps fault with a branded name tablet. The lower processing powered tab run ok running ozi. I find when it comes to end of the map there is a slight delay in loading the next sheet.
    I was going to start a new thread however will keep this one running .For those looking for a good offroad app from Google play for Australia ,(It doesnt tell you which way to go or gives you directions) i would suggest .It has some excellent maps Austraila wide and Sat images ,the Topo's from osm called Open topo map are the best i have seen .The pro version is what you should buy for just over $5 and will be yours forever providing you dont change your email address in the play store, You can load it in as many devices as you like . The Free edition doesn't cache maps for online use .The Pro Version gives you the option the store maps internally or on the sd card .I downloaded all the maps and Sat image i required onto my 128gb sd card.You can select tile and zoom size . For my 2nd device i simply when into my sd card with my pc and copied these downloads to my 2nd device keeping the same file structure after i installed the app . You will find the downloaded files in SD/card/Android/Data/com.atlogis.australia/files/tilecache. I have loaded some .gpx tracks and .gpx waypoints on some images to view.The brown Sat images are near the Twins below the Madigan Line NT 15020071534132.jpg 15020071533561.jpg 15020071532990.jpg 15020071534563.jpg 15020071534824.jpg 15020071535155.jpg 15020071535626.jpg 15020071536007.jpg 15020071537808.jpg 15020071538199.jpg 15020071540043.jpg 15020071540444.jpg .
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  20. ajr40

    ajr40 New Member

    if you use the iGO app make sure when you install use the correct branding .zip which is 9mb, when installed you change it to 2mb branding zip and it will convert all to metric,

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