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Cheap android gps Device

Discussion in 'GPS Talk' started by mauriceb, May 4, 2017.

  1. mauriceb

    mauriceb Active Member

    Purchased the Lenovo 7 inch Tab3 today from Officework and set it up for a mate . For $96 plus a Ozi licence key of $25 US. These a great value for a Off road navigation to run Oziexplorer , Hema Explorer or Mud Maps including many of the Data less street Navs from google play. I also loaded a 'Go to' street Nav that i modifyed from a larger resolution with the latest maps, cams and poi's called IGO, the same program Hema use in the overpriced HN models but a lot more advanced. These tabs are a lot higher in specs than the Hema HN's at a lot lower cost. You will need to supply your own maps or ask a mate. I used the internal memory to load all the infor however you can use a SD IMG_20170503_113024.jpg IMG_20170503_163433.jpg IMG_20170503_163557.jpg 14938946346472.jpg 14938946346563.jpg 14938946348354.jpg 14938946345891.jpg card for the Maps if you wish but you will need to edit the file path.…/lenovo-tab-3-7-16gb-tablet… also at JB HiFi
  2. oldlux

    oldlux Well-Known Member

    Nice one @mauriceb a dumb question but, does it have GPS built in?
  3. hiluxdriver

    hiluxdriver Well-Known Member

    If you work out how to change from MPH to KMH in IGO I'd love to hear it lol
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  4. mauriceb

    mauriceb Active Member

    Yes build in gps and it has no problem recieving a signal when you a inside near a window.
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  5. mauriceb

    mauriceb Active Member

    Is you device android or a you refering to WinCe and depends on the igo skin as there a many variants. Usually from the navigation menu / more/settings /Start configuration menu or reset to Defaults and start configuration again. If you can't find this there is another way.
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  6. mauriceb

    mauriceb Active Member

    Screenshot_2017-05-04-23-24-48.png Screenshot_2017-05-04-23-24-22.png
  7. mac_man_luke

    mac_man_luke Well-Known Member

    Im due for a new tablet soon my 8" Samsung's battery is not great anymore and its really hard to keep it charged even with the correct chargers.
    Think i might go 10" this time though.
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  8. smitty_r51

    smitty_r51 Well-Known Member

    10" certainly makes a difference when navigating, means you can zoome it in for the detail but still see the overview of the tank ahead and the route to take.

    Fairly certain Lenovo do a 10" tab that officeworks sell
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  9. mauriceb

    mauriceb Active Member

    They do and cost $297 and a high spec . 10 inch would be to tall to sit in the common Dash position . This would be my choice The Galaxy S2 8 '' Super AMOLED Touch Screen, 2048 x 1536 with 3gb of Ram in Black so it doesn't reflect back on windscreen. I see them $100 less online like" Android enjoyed' . Apparentely the Tab3 is coming soon, properly reason why the sale. The Galaxy Tab A 10.1 with its slimer screen longer body design is slightly wider than the 8'' and would suit most dashes $329 Officeworks or $260 https://www.eglobaldigitalcameras.c...tYnwJcJTj9UqM6Mox4VJDJGtBJZ73bIy0QaAm848P8HAQ. Even with 2gb of ram on my 8 inch galaxy it is capable of running 2 nav programs Ozi AND iGO at once ,touch button to flick from one to the other without freezing including recording a constance tracklog
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  10. mac_man_luke

    mac_man_luke Well-Known Member

    Yea would have to have a narrow bezel. Got plenty of room in the cruiser for a 10". Current 8" is too small.
  11. billolga

    billolga 4x4 Earth Contributer

    Yep there Android. (5.0.1)
    I had the 8 Gig one & had OziExplorer, Memory Maps & Hema Explorer on it, BUT I ran out of low memory even though I had a 64 Gig Memory Card & moved everything I could up to it. I bought a 16 Gig one from Bing Lee for $96 & no problems - Love them - there fast enough.
    So the Camera is 2 Mega Pixels with the front one 0.3 !!! - It doesn't have the Magnetic close the lid shut down - No NFC (File transfer by back to back devices) but who gives a $hit about that for $96.
    10", I would love one but I have nowhere to put it in my vehicle & the 7" fits nicely on the right side of my steering wheel where I can see it & touch it while I drive.
    WinCe is DEAD! Thank goodness.
    Last edited: May 5, 2017
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  12. muc the truck

    muc the truck Well-Known Member

    I stuck with a Samsung tablet only because I can buy a OtterBox hard case to protect it in . No way would I own a tablet as weak and fragile as they are with out a full enclosed hard case . case came from usa at 1/2 the price shops wanted here for it .
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  13. cokeaddict

    cokeaddict Active Member

    yep i buy most of my stuff from USA. save myself heaps rather than buying from here. B&H are the best. I get anything i order from them in 4 days to my door. Camera gear alone I have saved thousands.
  14. JKMitch

    JKMitch New Member

    This is exactly what i,ve been wanting to do but did,nt know if i needed an ipad or tablet and i have no idea how to aquire or load the maps,any tips??
  15. markortink

    markortink New Member

    I had the same plan, bought the Lenovo Tab3 7inch Essential for $98 in JB-HI and was going to put all the different mapping software on it and push the maps to the SD Card. Major fail for Mud Maps, paid my $99 and the saga goes like this, took multiple reinstalls and downloads to get it working, it does not work with the SD Card despite anything you read, support is crap because they don't give a rats about the Android version. Just read the reviews in Google Play, they are TRUE!
  16. mauriceb

    mauriceb Active Member

    I havent tried it with Mud maps .The best way to get the Lenovo to work using Oziexplorer is to load the program into the internal memory and the Maps on the SD card then change the path so Ozi can read the maps. Or simply install the maps in the default map folder and leave map file path as is.
  17. Zamunda

    Zamunda Active Member


    Thanks mate for the post. Bought a Lenovo tablet yesterday from JB Hi Fi for $88. Loaded Hema Maps. Works perfectly.

    Any recommendations for a good windscreen bracket/holder?
  18. micklaw

    micklaw New Member

    I grabbed one yesterday for same from Officeworks. Haven't loaded the maps yet and still a bit confused on the difference between Hema 4wd and Hema Explorer apps...
    As far as Windscreen mounts go, grab a Ram mount from Johnny Appleseed. Can't believe how strong and well built they are (i went double suction cup unit) and Johnny Appleseed were fantastic to deal with...
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  19. billolga

    billolga 4x4 Earth Contributer

    With Hema Explorer you get ALL the Hema maps as well & you can put it on all your Android devices for no extra cost.
    I have it on 2 Tablets & 2 phones. (Same account of course)
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  20. markortink

    markortink New Member

    Yes, after 1 dud one, i forked out a little extra and got an "Arkon Slim-Grip Ultra Low Vibration iPhone or Android Windshield Car Mount" on eBay, item number 262359913478. Works well, have been on some bumpy tracks and stays put, but easy to remove the tablet as well. I mount the tablet horizontally.
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