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Bridle track

Discussion in 'Tracks Discussion' started by poiderav4, Dec 7, 2017.

  1. poiderav4

    poiderav4 Member

    Hello, It has been a while since my last posts, I am curious about the bridle track from Hill End to Bathurst, I travelled the road from Lithgow through Capertee and the Turon Gates to Sofala and on to Hill End in 2012 in a Rav4, we wanted to follow the bridle track down to Bathurst but there had bee a recent rockslide and the Bridle track was closed, does anybody know ifthis track is open yet orwill it ever open?
    Thank you.
  2. poiderav4

    poiderav4 Member

    I own a Toyota FJ cruiser now so would like to do the whole track again
  3. mikehzz

    mikehzz Well-Known Member

    The Bridle Track is still closed. You can get back to Bathurst if you cross the river at Root Hog Crossing. It's probably questionable to do it in a Rav4 due to clearance and wading depth issues. The track itself isn't difficult but it is slow and very bumpy in places. If it rains then there are muddy water patches that might cause a Rav4 issues, and the river can go up quite a lot.

    Jist saw your second post, fj cruiser no problem unless the river is up.
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  4. poiderav4

    poiderav4 Member

    Thank you Mike, I traded the Rav for a FJ Cruiser a while back, just haven't been able to change my username.
    We followed a couple of 4WDs in 2012 and drove from Lithgow up to Capertee then followed the Turon right through to Sofala in the Rav then went from Sofala to Hillend and back to Sofala and down to Bathurst.
  5. mikehzz

    mikehzz Well-Known Member

    The Bridle Track is a lot rougher than those you just mentioned. From Hill End down to the river is pretty much single lane that hasn't been graded in yonks. A standard car can do it but it's bumpy with rocks and dips plus steepish drop offs over the edge of the road. Not as steep as what it is near the rock slide at Monaghans Bluff though, it was pretty hairy up there. :)
  6. kubo

    kubo New Member

    I have travelled the route 5 times in the last couple of months and I would say it is easy the Bathurst side of the Root Hog crossing has been graded all the way. I drove the whole way in 2 wheel drive its a doddle.

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