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400RWKW XR6 Turbo Engine Conversion GU PATROL -Georgie's Twin Locked GU Patrol

Discussion in 'My 4WD' started by Georgie Kyro, Aug 16, 2016.

  1. Georgie Kyro

    Georgie Kyro Well-Known Member

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  2. Georgie Kyro

    Georgie Kyro Well-Known Member

  3. Georgie Kyro

    Georgie Kyro Well-Known Member

  4. discomatt

    discomatt Well-Known Member

    Getting there mate, cant wait to catch up when this thing is finished. Any chance it will be done for Mt Cole?
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  5. phs

    phs Well-Known Member

  6. Georgie Kyro

    Georgie Kyro Well-Known Member

    Even if it was mate i dont get my license back till december 23rd....
    Thats why the above date is my deadline...
    Ps i will be in mt cole on both trips... 1 in nicks car and the other in alan and the pig
  7. Georgie Kyro

    Georgie Kyro Well-Known Member

    Lol i cant get him away from the rig...
    He has been infatuated with it...
    Cant keep his hands clean when this thing is around!
    Loves it!!!
  8. Georgie Kyro

    Georgie Kyro Well-Known Member

    Been a while since ive posted on here fellas and with great reason too.
    We have been keeping a little quiet with this build as it has been copping a fair bit of interest by a few people on other forums and fb pages so i have had to hold tight and not give too much away for a number og reasons.

    1 of them mainly being because Mark and the Boys at JPC are doing such an amazing and fine job and producing everything they require for this build in house i have avoided posting photos of how they have gone about it because we are also paying good money for the engineer to give us their requests and doing what we can to rech there demands.

    If we posted the info that they have given us and what they want from us with this build then i am giving away valuable info to people that havent forked out an arm and a leg to get this done according to a melbourne engineers specifications...
    So in saying that i will not be mentioning clearances etc or anything the engineer has requested thus far.

    At this stage we have purchased a second engine as a dummy engine where we have 1 person fabricating all the external bolt on mods to the dummy engine to ensure it all fits accordingly where we want everything and another staff member is building my engine in the engine room and putting all the good bits into it.

    The engine is now built and put together.
    They are also doing a few little tricks to ensure that the engineis a little more 4wd ready so we dont have to wprry about water getting into the usual areas or make it more water resistant than it already is.

    For those of you that know Mark and or JPC he is not one to just grab the engine and put it in.

    He has thought of everything from alternator, extra pulleys, possible 24volt twin alternator set up, weather proofing the engine, high mounting turbo, and most importantly the engine mounts which then allow us to place the engine exactly where its needed to go.

    The engine mounts are amazing and are a work of art on their own.

    We have also had to change the bf sump for a fg sump as the original sump and pick up (bf) has the lower part of the sump right on top of the axle which limits travel and may foul up against it on hard core wheeling sections or jumping.

    Not that i plan on jumping the rig but he thinks of everything.
    Id rather this that have to come home on a flat bed cos the axle has gone through the bottom of the sump.
    The fg sump and pick up is reversed which is better suited go a barra patrol which many have also done but we are also modifying the fg sump so that we can ensure we dont starve the engine of oil.

    In current state the engine is now in its final resting place as it had come in and out a couple of times to check clearances etc

    Now that the mounts have been welded and installed into position and that the engine is in we are going to be working on radiator /twin thermo set up.

    After this its onto the front mount intercooler and piping followed by the ecu and loom.

    There is a lot going on at the moment and we are getting closer rmto dead line (dec 23rd)
    Ive gotten to the pount where im not as excited at the moment but more over it and just want it done.
    The boys have been doing a fantastic job but i guess i will start getting excited again when i finally see it on the dyno!
    Cant wait!
    Keep you posted
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    TUFF IFS LUX Active Member

    Keep up the good work. Its easy to loose motivation with big builds. Stick with it and reap the rewards when its all done.
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  10. Georgie Kyro

    Georgie Kyro Well-Known Member

  11. Georgie Kyro

    Georgie Kyro Well-Known Member

  12. Georgie Kyro

    Georgie Kyro Well-Known Member

  13. Georgie Kyro

    Georgie Kyro Well-Known Member

  14. Georgie Kyro

    Georgie Kyro Well-Known Member

  15. callmejoe

    callmejoe Active Member

    I'm loving this build. I glad its you though. The time it takes for precise work, the last minute little adjustment that always seem cost more then you thought.
    And that wait time to get in behind the wheel for the 1st time where you get to turn the key and actually drive it out of the shed is a killer.
    Just don't forget your insurance stuff...
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  16. Georgie Kyro

    Georgie Kyro Well-Known Member

    Thanks Joe!

    Yeah its starting to become quite sureal.
    I remember the first post mentiining this in the thread was over a year ago.
    Its taken over a year of buying parts , putting them aside, building a new auto from top to bottom then once everything was purchase or built the car part and doing the work has only been going since october 2nd.
    I guess with anything you do it always requires a great plan in order to have a successfull execution.
    Its now starting to set in that im only 1 month away.
  17. Georgie Kyro

    Georgie Kyro Well-Known Member

    Today i went down to JPC to have a look at the progress as i hadnt been down there for a few days.
    They have made a custom tranny thingamibob that the oil dip stick sits in and ran it to the engine bay.

    The turbo is now on but since we are toying with big horsepower they have also modified the echaust side of the turbo/flapper to allow more flow.

    The actuator amd wastegate has been upgraded.

    The dump pipe is also in.
    The radiator is also now installed.

    I went down to the wreckers today to purchase bf pedal assembly, body control module, obd port so they can start mucking around with the custom engine loom.

    Next is twin thermos installed with custom shroud,
    Intercooler piping fabrication amd cooler installation along with mounting the in tank pump/s and tranny cooler.
    Keep you all posted.
    5 weeks to go.
  18. Georgie Kyro

    Georgie Kyro Well-Known Member

  19. Georgie Kyro

    Georgie Kyro Well-Known Member

  20. Georgie Kyro

    Georgie Kyro Well-Known Member

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