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4 Wheel Driving with Rocket Rod from Wholesale Automatics

Discussion in 'Podcast Episodes' started by Patriot, Apr 26, 2016.

  1. Patriot

    Patriot Super Moderator

  2. i listened to to interview on my drive to Tamworth what a great interview hope you get more like that i remember seeing rocks first trip with the 4wd action boys and how nervous he was and i new how he felt about a month later in Cape York when i got to the first river crossing on the french mans track and my heart dropped through my back side and hit the ground.
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  3. Sean Caulfield

    Sean Caulfield Active Member

    So happy there is another one up! Love listening to these, such a great idea Patriot!!
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  4. Patriot

    Patriot Super Moderator

    Thanks Sean, yes there was a bit of a gap. Next one will be up next week. Rocket was great to interview. Some many interesting stories!
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