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3.0td Hilux Timing belt

Discussion in 'Hilux' started by oznog05, Jun 24, 2009.

  1. oznog05

    oznog05 Member

    Hello All.

    I am getting the timing belt change on the hilux and the machanic thinks its a good idea to also change the water pump aswell. Reason being is that because its a diesel, the water pumps away's seem to go shortly after the belt is done on them.

    Has anyone heard of this before.

    Also what your thoughts on plug and play DPchips, thinking of getting one.

    Cheer's Oz
  2. bmurray2250

    bmurray2250 4x4 Earth Contributer

    Can't tell you about the water pump should be changed but if it has done 150,000KM is could last another 100,000KM or fail next month. I have changed many water pumps on the old commodore but touch wood the one in the Prado has done 230,000KM. It is cheap insurance.

    DP Chip appears to work well, drove a Patrol 4.2 diesel a few weeks ago and it ran well. More power and torque over the standard version. A guy I know had it installed when he picked his Patrol up from new as he had it done on the Discovery he had before it. He highly recommended it and after owning 3 diesels before he should know
  3. dipmaker

    dipmaker New Member

    It is a very good investment to change the water pump at the same time as the timing belt as it is only another five minutes labour involved so all it really costs you is the price of the pump which I think from memory are around a hundred dollars. I went the cheap way last time I did mine only to have to pull it all apart again about four weeks later to replace the pump.
  4. LowLux

    LowLux Moderator

    Won't hurt doing it now oznog05 or is it gonzo50. Its in the timing belt region so save yourself some cash and get it done whilst the mech is in there.
  5. oznog05

    oznog05 Member

    Thanks for the advice...Have decided to get it all done.

    See you out there.
  6. rodw

    rodw New Member

    He's right you know. I replaced a timing belt in my last rig myself and 2 weeks later, the water pump went. Pulled out the shop manual again and found it said "to replace the water pump, first remove the timing belt". I was spewing as it turned out the water punp only cost me $70. I thought they were $200 or so.

    I think the extra tension of a new timing belt can be the last straw for an old water pump and I have heard they often go soon after a new timing belt goes on. Well worth doing while it is all apart as you will only b epaying for parts if you do it now.

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