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2015 Colorado oil usage

Discussion in 'Colorado' started by SlimTim, Oct 31, 2016.

  1. Boots33

    Boots33 Member

    Just an update on my engine. I completed the 3000k oil consumption test ( took a while as we do not do a lot of driving in the collie) with an estimated result of 2.3l per 10,000k. Dealer said that was within spec for the engine. I told them i was not happy with that so they said I would need to contact Holden directly and lodge a complaint with them.
    Contacted Holden Customer Care and was told two more consumption tests would be required so back on the merry go round we got.
    I had just started the second test when I found out about the thicker oil being used. At that time i decided enough was enough I was not going to continue months of more testing with results that would be dubious at best.
    I researched the Qld Office of Fair Trading website which was very helpful, they even have template letters you can use to get you started. I sent the letter to my dealer and in it I made it clear I would not be completing any more tests and wanted the thicker oil out of my engine. The only thing I would accept was a new engine or I would be proceeding with a claim through Fair Trading. As was suggested by Fair Trading I gave them 10 days to respond and respond they did.
    It took two days and I had the general manager of the dealership on the phone telling me that Holden had decided they would replace the engine and they would also provide me with a loan car during the 4 days it would take to do the work. It took them under a week to get the engine and it was fitted the following week, so in just over two weeks from sending my letter it was all done. They replaced the complete engine (minus all the bolt on stuff of course) so am happy with the end result. Hopefully this will see an end to my oil consumption problems.
  2. Albynsw

    Albynsw Well-Known Member

    Good result, well done
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  3. discomatt

    discomatt Well-Known Member

    Good luck with it all, my experience with the same issue and Holden, bought the car brand new, it used twice as much fuel as stated on the consumption figures, nothing found to be wrong, converted to LPG through there recommended installer, oil was going through 3 l /100 replaced engine, LPG wouldn't idle back and forth between installer and Holden, engine rattle and more oil consumption on second engine replaced again, still wouldn't idle though.
    Sold the POS after 65000 km on its 3rd engine 3 ECU's, 2 LPG computers, 14 stays at the stealer and 4 stays at the LPG shop.
    3 years of ownership and a total of just over 3 months with loan cars and my work ute in a workshop.
    Never again will I buy a Holden
  4. Collie7-2014

    Collie7-2014 New Member

    I have finally had my engine replaced, I was on a oil consumption test from the 15,000km service right along until the 60,000km service where they found the engine using more than 2 litres per 10,000kms (apparently up to 2 litres is acceptable by Holden). I must say that the vehicle does drive differently with this new engine, for the better! There was a lag on taking off with the old one, this one just digs in and goes. Much happier. Will have to wait and see if the new engine also uses oil, but I have figured that there must have been an issue with the 2014/15 engines (work vehicles purchased at the same time did the same thing, newer ones are fine). Apart from the oil usage, the Collie has been a great vehicle.
  5. Boots33

    Boots33 Member

    Another good result.
    I don't think Holden will baulk at eventually changing these engines but they certainly try all the tricks to avoid it if they can. Once you dig your heels in they seem to give in pretty quickly.

    From what I discovered I would agree with @Collie7-2014 that the problem engines seemed to be from mid 2014 to mid 2015. I have seen Holden documentation that indicates it was not present in my13 engines.
  6. SomeCant

    SomeCant Member

    The engines in the "series 1" pre my14 Colorado were all duramax 1 engines.
    when they added the mylink they also updated the engine to what they called the duramax2 and this issue was probably apart of that first run.
    my collie 7 is a 2015 my16 and it does not use stuff all oil but its something I will have to keep an eye on I guess.
  7. SlimTim

    SlimTim Member

    Good to see Holden mostly sorting the problem out if you hound them enough.
    @Collie7-2014 my car also goes a whole heap better. The engine feels crisper, more responsive.
  8. SlimTim

    SlimTim Member

    Good to see Holden mostly sorting the problem out if you hound them enough.
    @Collie7-2014 my car also goes a whole heap better. The engine feels crisper, more responsive.
  9. Boots33

    Boots33 Member

    Yes it seems to be mainly a my15 problem, and you would definitely notice if you had the problem. The oil was long gone from the dip stick well before the service was due.

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