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2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Roof Rack

Discussion in 'Cherokee / Grand Cherokee' started by Jeeplimited, Jul 13, 2014.

  1. Jeeplimited

    Jeeplimited New Member

    Hi Lads,

    I am looking to get a roof rack put on the Jeep Grand Cherokee 2014 what are the best brands and models and where can i get one fitted. i had a look at the factory standard Basket accessories: however it is to small.

    I reside in NSW.
  2. Buxter

    Buxter Well-Known Member

    My "young Fella" gets most Jeep stuff Imported from the States.
    All Mopar gear is heaps cheaper that way.
  3. Jeeplimited

    Jeeplimited New Member

    G'day Mate,

    Already sourced a great roof rack it was a Rhino Rack Pioneer Tray.

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  4. philt

    philt New Member

    Try uneek 4x4 they have racks ,performance chips ,lifts ,and other goodies Google uneek 4x4 steel & alum bull bars too
  5. Buxter

    Buxter Well-Known Member

    That mob are brilliant !
    All they want to do is help
  6. Jazzy0188

    Jazzy0188 New Member

    Hi everyone, maybe someone here happens to know, which roof rack brand has got such roof racks with high walls?
    The Go Rhino on the pic in this topic is also cool, yet I wanted slightly higher walls. I like the one on this Grand Cherokee (5th line, in the middle here), yet I cannot recognize what brand it is by the logo.

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