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2006 Mk Triton Mods, help?

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by lightsnsirens, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. lightsnsirens

    lightsnsirens New Member

    Hi guys im new to this site and im wondering who has a Mk Triton and what have they done to it? Im not looking to create a rock crawler but would like it to be a decent offroader.
    Ive only done a couple of things so far
    ARB winch bar
    GME 3220 UHF
    Some pathetic Narva spotties

    Things i need to do
    *New rubber (just A/T for a start) what size rubber can you fit under the arches (the triton has standard suspension)
    *Suspension upgrade - down the track
    *Would like to put some IPF 900xs's or some Lightforce 240blitz (if they fit in the arb bar????), very soon, out here in the bush there are lots of beasts gettin around
    *Crusie control! It drives me nuts! Anyone done a conversion???
    *Winch, budget is not huge was thinking Ironman 9500
    *Dual battery system for winch and other accessories

    Cheers guys if anyone has any info on their personal experiences with the triton and adding on bits and pieces please give me the heads up!
  2. Grey Ghost

    Grey Ghost 4x4 Earth Contributer

    Josh, As far as rubber goes you can only fit 31s under it without lifting the suspension, can fit an AP60 cruise control VERY easily by your self, I have posted elsewhere on this site where to find the all important speed sensor wire under the dash to do so. It is also possiblt to improve the turning circle slightly by a simple adjustment of the bump stops.
    If you do a search of posts by me you will find these bits. I will put up links as I find them.
    Grey Ghost (Brian T)
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2009
  3. Bullstat

    Bullstat New Member

    G'day Lightsirens, Ive got a 2000 model MK Triton, had It just on a year now Ive put 31x 10.5x R15 to replace the 16 inch rims and thin tyers that were on it and they seem to be the perfect size for the unlifted arches, It came with a dual battery system and me and a mate fitted an Airtek snorkel that I purchaced from the Internet and It doesnt fit perfectly (but It'll do), also added UHF, Supercheap Auto driving lights and a 9500lb Ironman winch that I picked up for $400 BUT since we fitted the winch the front of the car has sagged badly, Ironman has advised me to put on heavey duty torsion bars & shockers. Most Importantly I had it converted to dual fuel as I was taking an absolute beating on petrol & now im paying a 1/4 of what I used to, do loose some power though while on Gas. The Triton can be seen here YouTube - kingbrude's Channel Theres a bloke on here called Grey Ghost who'll be able to help you alot, he's helped me a bit.
  4. Grey Ghost

    Grey Ghost 4x4 Earth Contributer

    Geez I'm not that good:D:D

    Also talk to Tuf Ton about what he's done to turn his Triton into a bit af a beast.
  5. lightsnsirens

    lightsnsirens New Member

    Ah thanks guys for the quick replys! Good to see a there are people willing to share their knowledge, just the reason i joined this site!
  6. Grumpy

    Grumpy Moderator

    welcome aboard enjoy your stay
  7. lightsnsirens

    lightsnsirens New Member

    cheers Grumpy, will do mate! Looking forward to learning plenty about this 4X4 caper!
  8. lightsnsirens

    lightsnsirens New Member

    Hi just asking one spefic question again, has anyone been able to fit a pair of those uber huge lightforce 240 blitz's in a winch compatable ARB bar?? For a GLX-R Triton?

    and snorkel or not to snorkel....

  9. twincamke20

    twincamke20 New Member

    welcome! Defently too snorkle! :) i picked up my safari one through opposite loc for 409 which i thought was a good price. Fits like a glove too. 05122010010.jpg heres a pic of my 2000 mk. Has now got tjm 9500 winch installed. i think you'll be suprised were you'll be able to take the 'ol mk. I know i have!

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