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1991 toyota 4 runner vzn130r

Discussion in 'My 4WD' started by toothless, May 3, 2016.

  1. Chrisso82

    Chrisso82 Active Member

    Nice plans mate post some pics of your progress as you go!!!!!!
  2. toothless

    toothless Member

    sure will
  3. toothless

    toothless Member

    so update i have got the lpg going its a apa tank with a airod converter there is no vac leaks it does idle abit high because of the iac needs cleaning but i have noticed that if you put the boot into it from lights it hesitate for a a second or 2 like its going to back fire through the airbox and it moves along and the previous owner has said it this in the add when i bought it on what happens so im hoping i can get some help on this

    LPG system: likely needs plugs and leads as the LPG system can backfire or stall under load. Had same thing occur about 2 years ago, fixed for few a few hundred had been OK since, but have not attempted to fix this time as will leave for buyer. Not uncommon with LPGs, higher spark plug wear is price you pay for big savings on petrol bill. No issues with petrol side. You can just drive as a petrol car or fix lpg side, which should not be a huge issue. This factor is allowed for in the price.

    Service history: In general have had anything fixed immediately when indicated, no breakdowns. Here are most of the service and repairs performed in in the past 3 tears.

    25.2.2014 Rear brake rotors and pads, replace handbrake shoe, inlet manifold, service and tune.

    17.4.2014 273,838km Replace right rear seat belt

    4.6.2014 277,903km Replace complete hand brake cable assembly

    14.8.2014 Replace exhaust manifold and gasket

    23.09.2014 283,917km Replace radiator, thermostat and coolant

    3.2.2015 291,190km Service / oil change, leads, plugs and calibrate LPG system

    13.4.2015 294,691km 2 inner rack ends, wheel bearings

    17.6.2015 Service / oil change

    30.7.2015 300,315km Replace right front seat belt

    15.8.2015 4x Michelin 265/70/16 Latitude Cross tires. Wheel alignment. I’m not certain of the exact distance, but they have about 12,000km on them and still have a lot of life left, maybe 75%

    21.12.2015 307,302km Service / oil change

    11.4.2016 Wheel alignment and rotation

    22.2.2017 312,431km Front brake pads and rotors

    i have replaced intake hose and coil packs i have checked the spark plugs and they are ACDelco Professional Platinum Spark Plugs and the spark plugs look fine
  4. toothless

    toothless Member

    a bit of a update i started to get really bad wandering over the road and my first though was yep inner racks are stuffed so i ordered the 555 inner racks and tire rods and lower ball joints all 555 stuff cause the previous owner did state he did replace the inner racks well the inner racks weren't the problem when the previous owner got a wheel alignment done who ever did it forgot to tighten the lock nut up so because the outer tire rods where stuffed i replaced those but have spare inner racks only because i will see how it goes in a week or so if i should change it or not
  5. itlldoo

    itlldoo Well-Known Member

    if its new parts, don't let them sit idol, change it, so you get full use and value out of it, and keep the old as a spare for Justin !
  6. toothless

    toothless Member

    so update i finally got a new airbox at a good price of $20 i was still experiencing wandering so i bought 2month old tough dog suspension 2inch lift with king springs still the same only to discover that the lower control arm bushes are flogged out really bad and that was my problem so i got the new bushes and yet to install them yet so thats getting all done this weekend and then same with upper control arm bushes and new steering rack bushes all whiteline stuff
  7. toothless

    toothless Member

    a bit of update things that have gotten done on the prado is

    tough dog suspension with 2inch lift
    lower control arm bushes got replaced
    lower ball joints with tire rod ends got done
    lpg is running good again i finally fixed the problem
    finally got a new airbox lid
    installed 4inch led light bar for rear view camera
    installed my snorkel

    many more to come next is upper ball joints with bushes and doing the rear end next all with whiteline bushes

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