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17 - Roothy and the freedom to drive our tracks

Discussion in 'Podcast Episodes' started by Patriot, Jun 24, 2016.

  1. Patriot

    Patriot Super Moderator

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  2. abw

    abw Well-Known Member

    Top podcast, James! Roothy's a really down to earth bloke.
  3. Spooner

    Spooner Well-Known Member

    Great Podcast James . I thoroughly enjoyed all 1 1/2 hours of it.
  4. Patriot

    Patriot Super Moderator

    Hey guys, thank you, although I didn't say much. He is a legend. When you see all of the mega stars at the show, he is the only guy with a queue an hour long with everyone wanting to see him, and it is pretty easy to work out why. Top Bloke.
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  5. rogerazz

    rogerazz 4x4 Earth Contributer

    G'day James. Just finished listening to the podcast.
    Things that made me prick my ears up.
    1. Bush Permits. Roothy made mention of those and that is something I have pushed for a while now. I did write to him about it so maybe it might get off the ground?
    2. Mansfield. I know from personal experience that during holidays, there are many thousands who drive through the town and end up around Eildon Weir or up the high country. No intention of stopping much, however many do fill up on the way home. Maybe the Council should look at things like accomodation, good fuel and food stops, police to encourage, guide, advise, 4wd'rs on the trucks RWC. A sort of welcome to Mansfield and give us all your money.:D.
    3. Licence Tax. Because you only drive one car.? I have advocated for around 20 years now that you pay an extra 5c per litre at the bowser. No rego. This would cover expenses when driving one vehicle and the more distance the more cost. If you have 10 cars you only pay for one when you drive it. This would also cover 3rd party. You wear out the road with long mileage you pay. You park your car all year you don't pay.
    4. Voting for L.D.P. Yes, I would not vote for Coalition , Labor, Greens, because especially the main parties they reckon they will save us from the others. Bullsh*t. They only look out for their own personal interests and try to sucker us. "Vote for me and you will be safe".:eek:
    Great podcast by an every day Aussie, who will make decisions from the head and heart, not like those actors who make decisions based purely on greed.
  6. Deccas

    Deccas Active Member

    I've been looking forward to this podcast for ages :) good on ya James
  7. shame dysart

    shame dysart Active Member

    great podcast again James I could listen to him talk all-day. He had alot of interesting topics and stories and look forward to the next podcast you do with him
  8. rogerazz

    rogerazz 4x4 Earth Contributer

    So this is the sitting member of LDP that Roothy reckons we should support.
    He certainly makes his policy clear, not like other parties.;).
  9. Thommo78

    Thommo78 Member

    Great Podcast James, love the point Roothy made about making the rubbish tips free as 80% of fees go to EPA (I think he said) anyhow.
    Mostly good common sense points throughout. Wish him luck on Saturday.
  10. darylive

    darylive New Member

    Good Work Noted:
    Some common sense there as usual from John. I do not however support a permit system, it would be another cost impost and no doubt the administration would take up the funding and become another governing body etc. etc, imposing conditions more conditions. You know we do have legislation against dumping rubbish, damaging property etc. just provide the staff employed to enforce the law with the means to do their job and allow them to do it. There are so many dash cams etc. now and people reporting fools for doing the wrong thing let's see some prosecution of the offenders.

    The crux of the issue of abuse, litter, damage etc. should, like so many other things be addressed by prosecuting those Bastards responsible; not penalising all the people who do the right thing. Cameras should be more widely used to catch wrong doers and then they be charged and fined to cover costs. The Government has plenty of funding they just do not use it responsibly. Get back to using tax payers money to provide services, security, education, health etc.

    I really wish we had a department of common sense to review all the stupid decisions made by politicians; staffed by people with experience in the relevant fields; perhaps a consultancy system or something; as John said it should not be that hard to have representatives who actually represent the people.
    The sooner we get rid of compulsory voting the better; then the candidates would have to give people a reason to vote for them and the bludgers would not bother to vote. Perhaps we should question if everyone is entitled to a vote?
  11. rogerazz

    rogerazz 4x4 Earth Contributer

    Not many Rangers due to lack of Government funding down here in Vic. No constant Ranger patrols. Have reported people for rubbish, killing ducks without permit and off season, shooting arrows amongst children in water. Had all the photos, car regos, boat rego in photos. Prepared for stat decs, by witnesses. Nothing ever done, not enough resources. Had lots of pics??????
  12. darylive

    darylive New Member

    Yes mate and that is the Bloody problem.
    The money they do have needs to be better allocated.
    If you get pics like that and get no response from the authorities E-mail the Minister; that is sometimes the only way to get action. Then next step is the media and the Minister usually wants to avoid that.
  13. Swaggie

    Swaggie Moderator

    I've been saying this for years, the majority of 4wdrivers are doing the wrong thing (like it or not) . The minority cannot create all this mess, crap and paper unburied, smashed bottles and Cans in fireplaces., smokers butts everywhere. I like to look for camping areas that are out of the way, everywhere there is a fireplace you have the above rubbish, occasionally and that is occasionally I'll come across a super clean fireplace and i really notice it, it's that uncommon . The current system is not working full stop, I've also been saying we need a permit system and to heavily increase the Rangers, so they can work every weekend when most of this crap happens, heavily increase the fines and confiscate vehicles if they have too, give the Rangers more powers.
    I'm sick of everyone trashing the bush like it's there God given right.. I know of an area where they bulldozed the two pit toilets because they were being vandalised and set on fire on a regular basis , they also bulldozed trees in the area so that you couldn't drive down to the camp areas by the river because they had shit and bottles everywhere , because of Ferals everyone now sufferers, that's not fair at all...
    They also need to stop bulldozing hard tracks, when its accessible by basically a normal car it allows even more unwanted people in. That area now becomes trashed..
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