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  1. ITsKerryC
    A year of driving, trial, error, and off-road education I've finally worked out my FJ build upgrade and accessories. Onward.
  2. Rivadera
    we will be at the high country from the 04/11 to the 6/11 2017 looking forward to seeing in the trucks
  3. Rivadera
    If you want to contact us Radio 10 ask for DUNCAN> looking forward to see you at high country.
  4. Rivadera
    I am going to set up camp today at AH YOUNGS in the Buckland Valley. from there we are planning to do LAke cobbler, King hut ant Craig Hut.
  5. giovanni de marte
    giovanni de marte
    Thank you for introducing me in the group!
  6. phillip Ryan
  7. vez
    travel to fish
  8. dom14
    dom14 Andrew_LN65
    Hi Andrew,
    Can you please advise me about the "adjustable cam gears" you have for RB30 engine and their prices.
  9. Yeti Triton
    Yeti Triton
    White Hills in Dawesville, are you allowed to camp there?
  10. 2luxes
    2luxes AusBloke
    G'day AusBloke I am at Charmhaven on the Central Coast. I retired a few years ago and my wife and I have been touring the country everywhere from the Victorian High Country to the central deserts for the last ten years. If you would like to have a yarn about cars or travelling, you can ring me on 0420846423.

    1. AusBloke
      Cheers mate, will do
      Oct 20, 2017
  11. Tony Wilson
    Tony Wilson
    Grampians Nov.......note to self... dont hit enter for next line
  12. Tony Wilson
    Tony Wilson
    Lookin' to do more.
  13. Tony Wilson
    Tony Wilson
    Hey all, Done some trips,
  14. Tony Wilson
  15. Hristov
    With Thankful and Love..
  16. Taua Te Pou
    Taua Te Pou
    Hi is it possible to fit a 2003 Holden Rodeo bullbar on a 2013 Great Wall V200
  17. 4bytime
    This is Duramax Country
  18. bunblebee
    I miss the smell of wet eucalyptus leaves in the morning
  19. Nick f
    Nick f
    Hi all can anyone help with a rfw lock light drama with pk xl ranger?
  20. Mr Rum
    Mr Rum
    There seems to be a lot of women logged on to the forum at the moment. C'mon ladies. Dinner isn't going to cook itself.
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