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  1. brenisme
    hello guys i haven't been on here for a wile how is every one
  2. Zorba
  3. Rick 78
    Rick 78
    6.5 chev
    1. Rick 78
      Rick 78
      New to site have patrol chev bd 6.5 over heats towing any ideas
      Aug 8, 2017
  4. John Johnson
    John Johnson
    Black Snake Recovery Strops Kevlar & Nylon.
  5. fradda
    every man likes going into the Bush
  6. Borec
    Borec Trophy truck 481
    I am in Melbourne. I would not mind to get my hands on it just to see how it works, and if it something that I can actually use. I want a permanent solution, not just "hire'. So you have never used it?
    But I will be going to Port Lincoln, passing via Adelaide on 28/12.
  7. woodduck11
    Camper Trailer Mod stage
  8. Kellsride
    Hi, keep an eye out for me on the road.
  9. Mackers
    Living the dream
  10. wardss
    wardss mux rider
    just bought one, hows your bus go?
  11. Fiona_W2986
    Looking for Brisbane Prado or Everest Owners to spend a day this weekend to talk to me about their SUV for a project. Will pay $600.
  12. Zamunda
    In LOVE with the outback
  13. Ted & Rosie
    Ted & Rosie
    Nomads Across Australia :-)
  14. redtarro
    Looking for snow chains to fit 285x75x16 tyres can anyone help.
  15. keven mitchell
    keven mitchell
    All you need is love ( john lennon )
  16. keven mitchell
    keven mitchell
    Be kind to each other
  17. shaneoGLXR
  18. gogoyogo
  20. Pajman77
    Leading a trip into Ngarkat (Bordertrack) and making sure online booking ect a sorted.