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  1. Pajman77
    Leading a trip into Ngarkat (Bordertrack) and making sure online booking ect a sorted.
  2. Zigbee
    Livin' the Dream
  3. Hilux Daniel
    Hilux Daniel
    Will a 1998 hilux bullbar , fit on a 1989 hilux dual cab ??
  4. Fish_PX_ranger
    G'day from Qld
  5. Fish_PX_ranger
    Hi, just a quick one, can I put led headlights into Px ranger without throwing codes and shutting down the module?
  6. DonJav
    My goal, the track
  7. Dual 79
    Dual 79 JillianHR
    Hi jillion I like your taste in trucks
  8. Winton Headlam
    Winton Headlam
    GW's are just an Isuzu
  9. JillianHR
    Profile pic
  10. TomKat121111
    Just been camping on the OTT. Not many tourists on Cape York yet, 2 days of peace and quiet.
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    2. Good ole boy
      Good ole boy
      Hey mate what was the water crossings like please
      Apr 29, 2017
    3. TomKat121111
      Water crossings were all good. Had some more recent feedback from mates last weekend too that it is still OK
      May 4, 2017
  11. Tony Damiano
    Tony Damiano
    Hi all I'm a new member here. Great site!! Hope to meet and 4x4 with some of you sometime.
  12. TomKat121111
    Went camping at Janie Ck (South of Mapoon QLD) for Easter. What an amazing spot
  13. Zamunda
    I need to get out here and into out there asap!!!
  14. Michael S-B
    Michael S-B
    A middle-aged dad who for my mid-life crisis bought a 4x4 and....
  15. Sheldonbell
    getting set back up after being out of the game.
  16. Koda
    Hi all looking for input into a reasonbly easier 4x4 track to test our Dominator camper for 2 days Sthn Highlands Shoalhaven any ideas
  17. Bradley Farrugia
    Bradley Farrugia
    Currently seekin a new rig
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  18. Sheldonbell
  19. billiekart
    moved to Townsville a couple of years ago, been too busy without a chance to do much 4-wheel driving. Hopefully, that will change.
  20. Alma
    Save our planet. It's the only one with chocolate.
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