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  1. Sheldonbell
  2. billiekart
    moved to Townsville a couple of years ago, been too busy without a chance to do much 4-wheel driving. Hopefully, that will change.
  3. Alma
    Save our planet. It's the only one with chocolate.
  4. Rob Myers
    Rob Myers
    Still grinning....go the Terry :)
  5. Turtle2401
    Hi all. I'm a virgin 4x4er & looking to get & enjoy our beautiful country. Enjoying the forums on this site & look forward to more
  6. 03hilux
    I just deleted all the German contacts from my phone. Now its Hans free
  7. 03hilux
    I just deleted all the Germans from my contacts list on my phone. Now its Hans Free
  8. 4X4Fanatic
    I am new here but love everything to do with 4X4.
  9. Terry Kipping
    Terry Kipping
    Never argue with an idiot, they will drag you down to there level and beat you with experience!
  10. Countach7
    Water's wet, sky is blue...
  11. Holden0018
    how do i start a forum
    1. Aaron Schubert
      Aaron Schubert
      Do you mean a thread, like to ask or start a new topic?
      Feb 15, 2017
  12. Jeremy riganello
  13. leigh wilson
    leigh wilson
    Travelling around aust with my girlfriend and dog
  14. Damien Pries
    Damien Pries
    Keen to get out there round the local or far to explore our 4x4 backyards
  15. TheLawnEnforcer
    MY17 Holden Colorado LTZ Auto 2017
  16. Ronald king
    Ronald king
    haven,t been on for a long time looking to go to the cape this year any one planning a trip
  17. andresbriceno73
  18. Aaronz71
    Loving my z71
  19. Tonner61
    Shit happens
  20. brian baker
    brian baker
    Hi all haven't been on for a long time. Have done a few good trips since last time I was on How do add tracks to the site