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  1. itlldoo
    4x4 BUMPER STICKER------nothing quite like having her lifted and going slow..... nearly spat my coffee.
  2. tullio
  3. itlldoo
    NO! to much play and not enough work that's why I'm broke....... Really...
  4. Mark Strickland
    Mark Strickland
    Too much work and not enough play. . . . . Really. . . .
  5. Juno Tora Tora
    Juno Tora Tora
    Hi any one know how to check battery voltage at dash display on Ford Ranger T6 facelift 2.2XLT.
  6. Seekwithin
    Seek within...
  7. Lornamere
    New to the page. Gidday
  8. james1993
    can anyone give me directions to georges junction from kempsy nsw cheers in advance
  9. Brett Marcantelli
    Brett Marcantelli
    Heading off on our trip around AU's in a couple of weeks.
  10. TomDownUnder
    need to get out more...
  11. Bashed60
    I'll take the tits ohhh I mean the kids
  12. Freelancer1956
    I was a reluctant retiree but no longer :-)
  13. abzii
    never had problems on 1KZ motors until recently...
  14. hawk76
    hawk76 Adam L
    hi adam yeah give me a call i only gota basic pajero im keen to go today only have half a tank of fuel tho give me a call on 0403553672 cheers
  15. SnowCrashHiro
  16. Rvee1982
    Hey all my toughdog rear leaf springs are making a lot off noise. there 2 months old sounds like something is clunking
  17. Onedodger
    Just a Grey Nomad Touring
  18. 308fj55
    newbie 4x4'er
  19. Joao Roberto
    Joao Roberto
    Expedition Guide for Brasil, Argentina, Chile, Botswana, South Africa, Namibia. Off Road Instructor in Brazil.
  20. deptford
    Are we there yet ?